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A News Track ….

A few days ago, in all mediums of news (be it electronic media, print media or social media), for three consecutive days, a news was trending very vigorously.


One day, that news also came on the front page. The news was “traumatic death of pregnant elephant.”


In Kerala, a mischievous person fed the explosive-laden foodstuff, which caused a huge loss to the pregnant elephant and due to which she remained hungry and thirsty in water for a few days continuously, finally died.


Every kind-hearted was hurt by this news. There was no scope for doubt in this. But the question arose when it was publicized continuously.


There was a feeling of doubt when those who are killing animals brutally, even those who eat and sell their flesh, in this campaign, pretend mercy and look ahead of everyone.


Every year, despite of crores of animals being brutally slaughtered in the country of India, environmentalist organizations (national organizations) like the silent NGT (National Green Tribunal) also jumped in the news and recorded their statement that “maybe wildlife in the forests, due to many aspects related to their struggle with humans and endangered animal life due to not following the rules of conservation, such things are happening.”


Not only this, taking cognizance of the case of pregnant elephant’s death in the Silent Valley forest of Kerala, the National Green Tribunal has also formed a committee and instructed her to submit an action taken report.


The NGT has issued notice to the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of Kerala and other parties to reply before 10 July.


For the protection of the wildlife living in the forest, keeping a watch is a very good thing, but something fishy is definitely there.


A few days ago the judge of the High Court of Pakistan also expressed concern over the problem faced by the elephant living in the zoo (ZOO-zoological museum) and ordered to send it safely in the forest.


It was also said that these creatures also have as much right to live as we humans do. The thing about having mercy on the creature is coming from the people sitting at the top of that country, while going into the depth of the news, I am happy to reveal what I have learned to the readers, and also worry for the future….


In 1992, representatives of more than 100 countries attended an event in Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil. The event put through the UNO was named EARTH Summit (Earth Committee) and in which Agenda-21 was launched.
Agenda-21 was a name for the Sustainable Development Goals and presented an attractive project of environmental protection, health education, development.


All (100) representatives of the nations also signed on these documents and they were also entrusted with the responsibility of implementing the fixed issues.


In Agenda-21 mainly 6 points were set. I do not want to talk about those 6 points here, (I will tell them in the future), but I will explain what the relationship of Hathini’s death is in the present.
The third point out of the 6 points of Agenda-21 was, ‘for the protection of the forest and wildlife, the forest dwellers should be expelled from there and put them somewhere else.’


It is probably a small thing to kill an elephant with cruelty or murder – but the disgusting thought behind it is a big thing, a very dangerous thing.


Pujyapada Panyaspravar Shri Chandrashekhar Vijayji Maharaj Saheb had been speaking for many years in his sermons that the dirty eyes of the big institutions of the world are on our land, our forests, our waters.


But… At that time, we could not see all these things coming down from the ground. Today the picture is clearly seen that these people now want to grab the natural resources that we have got to become slaves and that too we do not even know…


America had just started a rally of 11000 doctors, they are also informing about this.


These doctors, who took out a publicity rally to adopt Veganism, were shouting “GO TO VEGAN”. Behind the corona, these people are engaged in the promotion and propagation of artificial meat by feasting on meat.


The secret behind this is that Bill Gates has invested millions of dollars in an organization called Beyond Meat. This is a company that claims that its meat is artificial meat (ARTIFICIAL MEAT) and they are made from plants. Let me tell you the facts. The hormones that perform fertility rate (reproductive ability) have been inserted from this meat. Big celebrities like Mike Tyson have been preferred in the promotion of vegan.


There are two targets behind the death of a pregnant elephant. The forest dwellers in the forest have to be expelled and taken possession of the forest land to the big multi-national companies (MNC’S) and turn everyone towards the vegan system by playing a hypocrisy of mercy on the creatures.
If we put our hearts and our minds to work, then we will be able to save ourselves from the conspiracy plan of these fraudulent elements. Otherwise God can save this country… and my dear countrymen ……


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