Ujjhitak Story

Anguish – Settlement – Good Luck

A construction to build a Mandir was going on. Someone asked one of the workers, “What are you doing?”. He replied, “I am breaking stones to earn my wage.”
Then second worker was asked, “What are you doing?”. Worker replied, “I am working hard so that i don’t have to sleep hungry at night.”
On asking a third worker the same question, worker replied, “He who gives solace to our soul, building an abode for such an Almighty is a blessed opportunity and i am embracing that.”
For first worker, to build a mandir is like a difficult duty and he is doing it in an anguish manner for the sake of doing it.
For second worker, it is a means of livelihood. Whereas, for third worker the same activity is a blissful act and he considers himself very fortunate for having being provided this opportunity.
In this way, we are all doing our Dharma duties and it can be divided into 3 parts based on our intentions.
For Eg : We all perform our prayers and it can be divided into 3 categories of our way of doing it.
1. Kaya Kriya :- We don’t wish to perform our prayer but we do it because we are being pressurised by our family to do it.
2. I am a Jain. I perform my prayer because it is the right thing to do, it is what we do in our Dharma.
3. In this glorious ocean of compassion, to experience that guiding light even in eternity is rare & in infinity is also rare. To wash away my sins & make my soul pure I have received this opportunity to perform prayer & so i am performing my prayers.
Act of prayer is same in all the 3 situations. However, the intentions and our feelings while performing that act are different and so the form and results of an act are bound to change.
For first person worshipping God is just an act out of anguish which he is being forced to perform.
For second person, the same act is a part of Jain Dharma and so he is doing it – as settlement.
For third person, worshipping God is like feeling the state of nirvana and he feels blessed to have been able to worship God.
It completely depends upon us while not only just performing prayers but also while doing any other Dharma duties that with what intention are we performing it.
Come, let’s take an Oath together – If we are intentionally or unintentionally performing a Dharma activity in anguish or just as a settlement, then let’s convert it into a fortunate blessing.

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रात्रि प्रवचन, जाहिर प्रवचन और शिविरों के माध्यम से पूज्य मुनिवर युवाओं को जिनशासन के रागी बना रहे हैं और जिन के प्रवचन सुनने के लिए लोग कायल है। ऐसे मुनिवर की कलम को पढ़कर आप भी जरूर आनंद विभोर हो जाएंगे। दृष्टांत से सिद्धांत की समझ देने वाली यह लेखमाला वाचक वर्ग को जरूर पसंद आएगी।

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