“Condemnation of Jinshasan on Social Media”


Years ago, if a person had a passion to protest, then he without revealing his name would leave his printed interlude stories or subject matter in lecture halls or wherever there was large public gathering.




Even such tasks were not easy for everyone and everyone could not do it. For some, fear was enough to stop them and shame would stop the rest.


Now in the present time it happens, that…


Everybody has an easy access to smart phones and they have got an open platform through social media too. All have started using WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


Should people use them or not? This is not the time to discuss it or preach on it.


Because the spread of this social media has now become very large.


Social, political, cultural, historical, entertainment, etc., along with many fields, religious areas have also been associated with this social media.


Those who talk a lot of big and theoretical things are also promoting their own books and bookings through WhatsApp (who were previously staunch opponents of all these things).


To say that social media is harmful is only half the truth, because the whole world is becoming virtual, so it would be futile to talk about “old ways were better”.


A robber murders with knife, destroy the lives of others and if the same kind of knife is in doctor’s hand, gives a life to someone.


The stairs that are used by thieves to steal, the police use the same stairs to protect us.


Now falsifying the “Knife” or blaming the “stairs” can only prove our foolishness.


Just like that…


The strength of this social media is also similar. If we use it wrongly, the grave of the Jinshasan will be dug and if we use it well thensalvation of many works of government will be successful.


Such as; the protest on Twitter with the hashtag of #Noseaplaneinshatrunjay (No sea plane in Shatrunjay) received unimaginable and impressive response and made the governance work a success.


This is why it is wrong to say that social media is wrong.




It is unfortunate that…


Just as scientists have misused many discoveries made in addition to being used by countries of the world,


Similarly, social media is also being misused.


It has been misused in state, national, worldly, social sector.


Everyone makes memes or jokes or messages the way they like it and forward it, some would make images, some would make videos…


Everyone is considering themselves revolutionary, such as they are better rulers than the present King, Kumarapala, Vastupal, Pethadsha etc., with this confusion. These people continue to vent their heartbreak on social media using the language of the lower class.


From the time of Bhagwan Mahavir till now, whenever there were any question raised or any guilt ridden ritualism matters arised, were these the mediums to lash out anger?


And similarly, can this be considered as disciplinary actions to keep the governance matters out in the open?


The way you are presenting these things on social media, will your questions be resolved with them?


Those who talk will keep on talking … The work of gossipers will always be gossiping.


But this will only give spice to the opponents of religion. Those who get entertained by this, and clapped, will enjoy more, but nothing will be achieved in the name of solving problems by doing all this. And if we talk about social media, then not everyone is intelligent & understanding.


Therefore, people who have faith in the rule of the Lord and in whose heart this rule resides, should try to solve the problems related to the Jinshasan completely.


Nothing will be gained by performing these false stunts on social media.


To get a definite and permanent solution to your questions…


1) If the questions which are related to any person are related to the discussion, then try to solve them only by talking directly with them.


2) Hand them a copy of your questions with your own hands!


3) If your questions are not addressed by them, then inform the concerned person about the loss caused by them!


4) Do not waste your time discussing with other people except the officer-in-charge, also do not let your questions become a topic of discussion!


5) In the inquiry or discussion, you should observe restraint and respect, take special care of it!


6) If all your efforts fail then discuss privately with gurus who are regent and serious in nature!


7) Jinshasan should not be tainted in getting solutions to your questions, be alert about this. Keeping this in mind, complete your work without informing others about the subject matter!


8) Do not make the issue of defeat or victory or humiliation as the focal point in resolving your questions! Because of this your solutions can become secondary and the dignity, respect & prestige of Jinshasan and Jain Sangh can be tainted.


9) The infant also waits for 9 months to come out of her mother’s womb… pay close attention to this! Not all problems are same, some are common and some are complex. Therefore, it will take proper time for their solution too, so please keep your patience and restraint till then!


That’s all…!


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My Dear God!

In my heart, the flame of the love of Jinshasan should erupt as a volcano… but it should not harm your rule in any way… That is my prayer.

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