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Confluence of Love, Truth and Tolerance: Father

It is not in our capacity to evaluate the love of our parents. As both our eyes are greatly important to us, the glory and love of mother and father are also like that, it is not possible to compare.


Like our mother, our father also loves us to the core. If Mother’s love is like a sweet, then father’s love is like a gift wrapped in an attractive wrapping paper. We come to know what is inside only after opening the package.


If mother’s lap is like a garden, then father’s shoulder is like a school.


If mother teaches us traditions of our family, then the shoulder of the father teaches us self-respect.


If we find love in the lap of our mother, then we find peace in the shoulders of our father.


Mother picks us from the heart, then father holds us on his back.


Mother gives us life, so father teaches us how to live life.


Mother gives us foot; father teaches us how to walk.


Mother saves us from the evil eye; father feeds us with the value of tolerance.


Mother is the reason of our existence, then the father is our identity.


Mother and father have their own unique characteristics; children add their father’s name with their name and feel proud about it knowing that I am an offspring of my father. Even if the father has left this world, his name remains with us for the lifetime in such a powerful manner that children live with dignity and respect in the world.


Seth Anandji Kalyanji’s business heritage and inheritance is passed on to the children of Seth Shantidas Javeri. Whenever the new head was presented the inheritance, they also did not stop to say all the good things about their ancestors.


Just like there is glory of motherhood, similarly there is pride of fatherhood. Not only sons, but daughters have also inherited pride from their fathers. Draupadi from Raja Drupad and Janki from Raja Janak are one of the finest examples.


Many a times this love of father crosses the boundaries of affection of the mother.

Rani Chellna gave birth to a baby boy. But during her gestation period she developed some inauspicious desires because of which she asked a maid to throw her child in garbage. But father Shrenik raja himself picked up his crying child from the heaps of garbage. While child was in the garbage, a hen picked up on him due to which blood and puss was pouring down his finger. To relieve him of this pain father shrenik started sucking his finger.


Son Konik, after growing up, in the greed of power put his father into jail. Once, from his mother he heard this tale of his childhood and instantly realised how wrong he was. He ran to set his father free from jail. Since he did not find key, he then took a huge hammer and ran to set his father free.


For a moment, seeing his son with a hammer, father Shrenik thought, “Oh Lord ! He is going to kill me today. I am counting my last breaths anyway, why do I leave my child with ‘Father-Killer’ stain behind ?” Thinking this he ended his life by sucking on a vicious ring that he was wearing.


Once, sucking on his child’s finger to relieve him of the pain of blood and puss and second time sucking on his own finger to save his son from the stain of his father’s murder, father Shrenik portrayed and set an example of an undying love for his son Konik.


In the same context, one instance is of religion too. Acharya Shri Shanyanbhavsoori took a verse from 14 poorva ‘Shri Dashvaikalik Sootra’ & recreated it for the inner growth of his son Muni Manak & set yet another example of wonderful fatherly love.


In English we call our dear dads as ‘Father’. So let’s understand in detail the meaning of each alphabet in this word :


F – Friend :


He sits down to play with us & loses on purpose & by letting us win he secretly enjoys our happiness. Even if there is a huge age difference he plays with us like he is of our age & happily & cheerfully says, “Rishtey mein to hum tumhare baap lagte hain!”


While taking a trip down to memory lane, all those wonderful moments spent with our fathers bring smiles on our faces.


Remember when father cooks in the kitchen and then compares the taste with mother’s cooking & we all used to laugh and enjoy these silly pulling of leg which become the biggest parts of our memories.


A – Anchor :


We feel safe in the presence of our father. Our mother surely puts an end to our little little sufferings. “Oh Mother!” is what we scream when we get injured sometimes. But when life hits us with reality & big things it’s the father that we go to for guidance & learnings.


He holds our finger & becomes our shoulder,


He is sweet & sometimes behaves like a soldier.


With him besides we dare to dream, because of him with all the toys we gleam.

Our childhood is blessed if we have him, otherwise we are lost without him.


T – Teacher :


Raja Rishabh himself used to teach both his beautiful daughters himself. He taught a script to one of his daughter named ‘Brahmi’ & introduced script by his daughter’s name. And he gave knowledge of mathematics to his second daughter ‘Sundari’.


Being a father he took the responsibility of teaching his daughters instead of their mother. Because fathers can be tough & disciplined like teachers, on the other hand mothers usually can’t be strict. Even if a mother shouts 100 times ‘Sit for your studies, do your homework’ we don’t pay any heed. But as soon as father is about to come we silently open our bags & sit in one corner & start studying.


Fathers don’t say much, but when they do, we can’t say a word. He just says, “Why? What happened?” & just with these words chills start running down our bones. With mother we talk as we want but when it comes to father we are scared & constantly look down. We can pour our hearts out with our mothers but with fathers we just discuss some important issues. Sometimes we talk with our mothers in a friendly manner that we almost never do with our fathers. Because, “Baap, Baap hote hain.”


H – Hero :


‘My dad is the best driver in this world’, ‘I just keep staring when my dad shaves his beard with so much ease’. Sometimes we proudly say, ‘My dad can swim for more than half an hour at a stretch’. The praises children give about their fathers as they idealize them as their “Super Heroes”.


E – Encouragement :


In between fulfilling our demands & household needs, fathers forget themselves. And when father enters into an old age, we shamelessly question him, “Afterall, what have you done for me ?”


He keeps our dreams in front of his dreams & he works relentlessly towards fulfilling our dreams & also gives us power to believe in our own dreams.


Somehow, he is the power house of our motivation. No matter what our fathers are facing from inside but they always stand by our side as our rocks.


R – Role Model :


We frame our father’s life as a videography in front of us. We try to imitate him, his way of doing things, his style & prove ourselves as achievements. For children, father is the biggest ideal that they can have.


My father didn’t tell me how to live.


He lived, and let me watch him doing it.


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