The Truth of The Corona Vaccine

Vaccine : Opretion Successful, Patient Failed

There will be a vaccine, in the name of eradicating them, more dangerous and violent than the corona virus. Some people are claiming that the best weapon to fight in front of Corona will be their Vaccine. The rabid propagandists of vaccines like Bill Gates are saying that, until the corona vaccine comes in the market, all the countries of the world should remain in lockdown.


If the corona vaccine comes in the market, then governments of various countries, including India, can also make a law to force that vaccine. There may also be a provision in law for not providing government assistance to those who have not been vaccinated, and perhaps to be jailed.


Presently, the way vaccines of polio, smallpox, chicken pox, nooribi, rubella, etc. are prepared, it seems like saying that the law mandating vaccination is on the religious faith of the Hindu and Jain religions of India. There will be a strange attack.
Because all the vaccines that have come, all of them use non-vegetarian substances and some vaccines are made from the body of the aborted baby. When making a vaccine of any disease, the living virus of those diseases is used in it. There is a need for some medium for the virus to flourish in the lab.


Some vaccines are made by using animal blood as a medium, while some vaccines are made by making the miscarried embryo as a medium. To make the polio vaccine, a human cell line called MRC-5 is used. MR RA-27/3 and WI-13 human cell lines are used to make key vaccines.


A few years ago, hepatitis-A and B vaccine was widely publicized in India. The insert that comes with the packing of this vaccine, a list of its manufacturing components is also given. It contains these things – formalin, yeast protein, aluminium phosphate, aluminium hydroxide, amino acids, phosphate buffer polysorbate, neomycin sulphate and human diploid cells.
Injections are found, from which human diploid cells are obtained from the human body. Vaccine companies are often in contact with abortion clinics. Those people who kill a child in the womb, keep their body in the icebox and take it to the lab of the vaccine companies. Later it is used as a medium for the virus to thrive. The main earning of abortive units is the trade of such deceased persons.


A few years ago in Gujarat, MR-vaccine (vaccine) was made mandatory for all students studying in school, but in reality it was voluntary. Government resources and force were used to vaccinate millions of children in school. Officers of the Health Department had arrived with their convoy to vaccinate at a Jain hostel cum school near Gandhinagar. Jainacharya, who came to give lectures to children in these hostels, was aware that human embryos have been used in vaccine manufacture.


These things are instructed only on the packing of these vaccines. Jainacharya told those health department officials that, we do not want to get this vaccine given to children for religious reasons. On the excessive request (pressure) of the officials, Acharya Shri said that, you can give us a guarantee in writing that no violent substance has been used in this vaccine.


The officers of the health department had left from there without having vaccinated. Whether minor, at the age of any age, through the vaccine in the body, the DNA of other humans Many distortions can occur due to penetration.


In one man’s body, the DNA of another human being Ingestion causes its mutation (change), which increases the chances of the vaccine person getting cancer. The immunity system of children due to the vaccine can cause Otto immune type diseases.


In the experiments currently underway to make the corona virus vaccine, human embryo, dog or horse will be used to make the vaccine first. If vegetarian people will be forced to get this vaccine, then there is a fear of being ungodly.


So much fear of the Corona virus has been spread by the media that some naïve people of the world are waiting for the Corona vaccine to come, when will the vaccine come in the market? But there is also a dark truth of the vaccine that, if the disease is not taken, then a healthy person can also become a victim of that disease, only because of the vaccine.


Ever since the introduction of vaccines in the world, their purpose is under doubt. How much vaccines can protect us from diseases is controversial.


In 1796, England’s doctor Edward Jenner discovered the smallpox vaccine. He first applied the vaccine to his son Robert. Taking the vaccine caused severe damage to Robert’s brain and he was retarded.


Robert died of TB at the age of just 21. The anti-vaccine faction has erupted in England ever since the residents of England learn that Jenner’s son has been killed by a vaccine poison. Today, his movement has reached many countries of the world.


Millions of people in America take the common flu vaccine. This vaccine is also given to pregnant women. When the vaccine was approved by the Center for Disease Control of America, the impact of this vaccine on the womb was not tested. After taking the flu vaccine, many women started having dead children (miscarriage) or miscarriage, and after investigation, it was found that the cause was the flu vaccine.


When a survey was conducted by a non-governmental organization, it was found that if a pregnant woman takes the flu vaccine, the probability of miscarriage increases by 4,250 percent. COVID-19 is also a type of flu. Now it has also been proved that the death rate of corona is as much as the flu. If pregnant women take the corona vaccine, then their womb will not remain without damage.


23 million women of Kenya were given the vaccine of tetanus by the United Nations. What would be the result of this vaccine? To make that certain, a doctor named Dr. Wahomangare was entrusted with the responsibility. He discovered that the female fertility-reducing hormone was inserted in the vaccine.


According to the American law, every child must have 27 types of vaccines until the age of five. The American child had to take only 3 types of vaccines till 1962 and 12 types of vaccines by 1983. As the evidence of giving vaccines to children increased, so did the evidence of serious diseases in them.


In 1980, one out of every 10,000 children in the US became a victim of autism, and in 2017, one in every 36 children became a victim of autism (Mentally Disorders and Other Problems), for which only the increasing scope of vaccination was responsible.


By reading the list of things that have been used to make vaccines of various diseases, we find that, we will never be ready to put such toxic substances in our body. Serious people donate their blood, by separating plasma from it, and earning money by selling bloodbank (many blood banks) to companies that make vaccines.


After reading the full article, there are some questions for the readers,

1. The corona that has suffered so much, its patient number is only 7 in 1 lakh citizens in a nation like India (and less than that in terms of deaths) then how is the corona epidemic?

2. Corona patients are becoming normal without medicines (86%), so what is the need to take vaccine?

3. 60% of those taking the vaccine are such that the disease can be returned, so what is the benefit of taking the vaccine?

4. Millions of types of viruses exist in the world even today, how many vaccines will we take?

5. After taking the vaccine, even if there is a loss due to the vaccine itself, you can never file a case in front of those companies, what will we do if such a law is made? Because the present situation is similar in that.

6. How many vaccines did Maharana Pratap have taken, due to which his body was so strong?

7. How will the vaccine created through extreme torture of animals give us health? Perhaps only God can answer these questions, ask God…


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