Family’s Love

When Dileep bhai reached office, all staff members stood up from their seats. Peons, Clerks, managers – everyone was amazed. Dileep bhai took his handkerchief and did 2 things- first covered his face and then wiped his tears. No one could ask anything. Quickly Dileepbhai went into his cabin. All staff members were trying to make out different scenarios in their mind. After 10 minutes, manager entered the cabin but he got confused looking at the condition of his Sir.


He asked after sometime, “What happened Sir? ” Dileep bhai didn’t answer and indicated towards his mobile phone. Manager looked at the screen of mobile. Dileep bhai had taken a photo of a scene of a footpath while sitting in a car which was stopped at signal. It was taken around 27 minutes ago. Manager saw a beggar, his wife and their 2 sons & 2 daughters, sitting on an old banner turned carpet at the edge of the road. They were happy while eating along with a plate, a bowl and 2-3 glasses. Some nearby stray dogs were also eating the food served by the beggar.


Soon, manager understood the reason behind the tears. That beggar was happy like being in a bunglow even after actually being at footpath and Sir was unhappy even after having a grand bunglow!!


Today, I want to talk about ‘Save Family’ !!


You may listen if I talk about the death of whole family in a terrorist attack. But there are different types of terrorist attacks. And we can’t even predict different ways in which these attacks can eliminate our families.


When Dileep bhai saw that footpath scenario, he was getting the knowledge about what is already robbed from his life. Today we too have to come down at ground level. We have to become neutral and try to understand wholeheartedly, what’s being robbed from our lives and why?


1) Fantacy : First letter of a word Family is ‘F’ and here F stands for fantacy. Let me ask you, what is the definition of special home and special life of your dreams. Will you call a house with latest carpet as special or the whole family sitting on any kind of carpet will be a special one? Centrally air-conditioned house is special or everyone in house with cool temper  in any condition is special? Home theater in drawing room or personal TV in each room makes house Special or the house where everyone sees one another with love & everyone takes care of each other is special one? The house where everyone is lazy and lethargic because of servants is special or where everyone is active in terms of their modesty & behavior is more special?


You are stuck in an illusion of fake fantacy. You keep running behind the mirage, assuming it as an elixir of life and at the end remain thirsty. With the growth of fantacy, essence of family goes on decreasing and that’s the fact in 99% of the cases. Try to compare today’s scenario of your house with that of the time when you didn’t have money. Recollect those moments when you didn’t have costly TV, AC, washing machine, etc. Compare today’s condition with that of the time when you used to stay in a rented house.


Fantacy is fed at the cost of family. You sell out your daughter and buy a costly TV. Similarly, You sell out your son and buy a luxurious car. Not only you sell your wife and go on a foreign tour but also you sell out yourself and bring high salary or huge profit. You sell your peace and buy mobile phone, sell your health and have a food at 5-star hotel, sell unity and buy a big house, sell love and bring property!!


Think from a neutral perspective, when your son, daughter, wife and even you are not in your control, when love, peace, health and unity has already left your house, aren’t the material resources you brought remain as an adornment for the dead body??


If your costly TV is becoming a neck’s noose for the sacraments of your daughter, If a mobile phone is killing the purity of your son, if you are going away from your relatives on arrival of your luxurious car, then it’s a tragedy and not a fantacy!! You might be getting happiness but if love, peace, health and unity have become your past then it’s a tragedy and not a fantacy!!


If your logic asks why to earn a lot when we should give up these materials of consumption, I will say that earning huge is absolute foolishness. Why to earn more than the need? To widen family gaps? To remain away from your loved ones? To create quarrels among your children? Or to annihilate the sacraments??


If you are advocating more income for safety, sacred ‘Uttaradhyayan sutra’ gives an answer for that :


Vitten taanam na labhe pamatte, Imammi loe aduva parathha


Dear soul, leave the madness for money, it won’t save you anymore, not only in this life but also in next.


‘Nitisutra’ says :


Artho hi kanya parakiya meva


Your property is just like a daughter. You give her birth, her upbringing is done by yourself. You protect her more than your life. Still, she will leave you soon.


‘Dharma sutra’ says :


Vittamayati yaati cha


Money comes and goes too !!



‘Adhyatma sutra’ says :


Swapnalabdhadhanavibhramam vittam


Its better to consider money a myth instead of assuming it as money earned in dreams.


‘Vairagya sutra’ says :


Sampattio tarangalolao


Property is as stable as sea-waves.


Unstable fantacy purchased with unstable money will actually make your family unstable. And don’t you understand that in a way it will create stable problems for you?



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जिन्होंने अनेक धर्म-सम्प्रदायों के ग्रन्थ एवं पुस्तकों का गहन अध्ययन किया, और वर्तमान के विद्वानों में जो पहली पंक्ति में बैठते, ऐसे तीव्र मेधावी मुनिवर की विविध विषयों की यह लेखमाला मात्र प्रौढ़ या प्रबुद्ध वर्ग को ही नहीं बल्कि युवाओं को भी आकर्षित करेगी। Life को Change करने वाले लेख जीवन को नई दिशा देंगे।

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