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(5) Liberty : The fifth alphabet in the word family is L and here L stands for liberty, meaning Freedom. There are 2 types of liberties. One is beneficial and other is detrimental. Beneficial liberty is the real kind of liberty. Detrimental liberty is as good as slavery.


The liberty given to wear obnoxious clothes to our children, to buy them a smart phone or vehicle when they don’t require, to give them as much money they want to spend, to give them liberty to wear loathsome clothes and sending them to study in between people having various kinds of desires, to let them choose their life partners, all these are detrimental liberties.


Lot of young girls are trapped by lot of young Muslim guys, the reason is detrimental liberty. There are numerous abortions that take place alone during the festival of Navratri, the reason being detrimental liberty. If you have a daughter-in-law who prefers onion & garlic which gradually leads to the Dharma conversion of an entire family then the reason is detrimental liberty.


If your entire life savings are spent just like that & not anything useful and you feel humiliated because of that the reason is detrimental liberty. If your wife leaves you for trivial reason and your child has to grow up without you like an orphan then the reason is detrimental liberty. If your refrigerator has a bottle of wine, if you need to put a lock on your drawer, if your children’s life is a private life and you know nothing of their life, if you lose your sleep at night, if you suffer from diabetes, if you feel breathlessness then all these things occur because of one main reason that is detrimental liberty.


In one family, daughter rebelliously demanded from family, “You all have put me into so many bondages, I need freedom. When everybody else can enjoy freedom, then why can’t I?” The entire family was stunned. Their daughter would demand any such thing they had no idea. Everybody started staring at her father with questionable eyes, father said to his daughter in a very calm and soothing voice, ‘’My Dear! Freedom for all that is good for you has already been given to you. Now you only tell me which freedom are you longing for?’’ Daughter went deep into her thoughts and she figured out the depth in her father’s words. She started crying and apologised to her father by touching his feet and ran away inside.


You want to save your family? The first thing to do is get away from all the detrimental liberties. Try and maintain such an environment in your family that they don’t even think about these liberties. Let alone be demanded, in fact they themselves should oppose these liberties.
Instead of walking down the path of complete annihilation because the world does so, you should be able to think accordingly and save yourself from herd mentality that is the true liberty.


Wherever wine is being served and you are not obstructed to go that party that is the real liberty. If your group is doing something wrong and they have no power over you for your involvement then that is the real liberty. In any environment if you are able to follow your Dharma without any niggling then that is the true liberty.
Rest, the detrimental freedom is just like that the freedom of a bird.


6) Yummy :-
The sixth alphabet in the word family is Y and it stands for Yummy. What is delicious, amazing and satisfying is called yummy. If you have truly adapted the first five components, then in reality you will be able to enjoy the family health and you will be able to enjoy your life in real sense.


If anything is written against the Lord’s advice is regretted.
Michhami Dukkadam


(Just like a combative soldier, an ultimate scholar Shri Antarmukhi Ganvir has given a detailed explanation and description on the topic of family in ‘Faithbook Knowledge Book’. Faithbook will always be indebted to pujyashri. Pujyashri will describe his thoughts in an upcoming articles which is indeed a good news for all our readers. Be ready to dive in the thoughts of Pujyashri.)

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