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We are talking about 20 steps to be an Arihant. You probably know what Arihant is called. Otherwise, let me tell, those who have defeated all their enemies, they are called Arihants.


If the enemies are outside, then they do not bother us as much as the internal enemies do. Those who wage a war with these inner enemies and defeat them, are called Arihant.


Think, when our situation should be such that when there is no attachment towards any thing or person in our mind. There is neither malice, nor envy in our mind… neither anger is created, nor attachment… nor fascination, nor illusion and only enjoyment, immense limitless bliss!


Then the state between happiness and sorrow within us is the true and ultimate truth of life. It becomes our ultimate duty to find the same.


The fourth stage to make Arihant out of this is- Acharya post. If you give a very brief explanation of Acharya, then it will be like ‘those who follow and make others follow the Panchachar” i.e. Acharya Bhagwant is engaged in Panchachar observance and adds others too.


If we look at it from the perspective of our life, then there is someone in life who is an elder, who can be our parents or our guru. The person who always stops us, keeps on interrupting, such a person is in the place of Acharya in our life.


But we have to talk about whether we like to have such a place in our life today. When he gives us any advice and guidance, what do we like or do? Do we like listening?


A short story:


Two youths were passing through the path, suddenly it started raining, both of them stood under the same shed. Shed was of steel, it was raining heavily, and the splash was barking like a needle in big ears. One of the two youths was frustrated and shouted with his hands on his ears – “Hey! How much does this splash sound ”


The second young man smiled and said –
“Yes, the thing is right, the noise is there. But do you know? This splash is also protecting us from the troubles of rain. ”
The story ends here. You must have understood, yet we can tell that your parents are the one who makes that sound, and keep in mind that only when the rains are heavy, the splash will also be noisy.


When the chances of difficulties in your life increase only then
Come and listen to the Acharyapada song …….


(तर्ज: छेलाजी र म्हारे हाटु पाटणथी )


हो आचारजजी! हमें तुम्हारे चरणों में विराजना
अंग-अंग आचारप्रेम जगाना…
यह वैभव है भारी विषम, यहां कर्मचोर की हार;
लूटे जो गुणदन को, कर देते हाल हवाल;
हाथ फैलाओ आप, मुझे बचा लो अब,
करो दो मेरा उद्धार..…तुम्हारे..


हम तो अज्ञानी है, बालक तुम माता हो;
संकट आफत अवगुण से पालन हारा हो;
पार करा लो बस इस भ्रमणा से और,
मुझे बना लो तुम सा…… तुम्हारे….

कोई भूल हुई हमसें, अपराध क्षमा करना;
ना भूल सके तुमको, ऐसे आशीष देना;
ऐसा कुछ करना, भूल करे ना हम,
प्रभु बना देना….. तुम्हारे….

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शास्त्रबोध, संवेदनशीलता और शीघ्र-कवित्व का व्यक्तित्व धारण करने वाले मुनिवर ने, भगवान बनने का राजमार्ग, अर्थात् वीसस्थानक पर नूतन काव्यों की रचना की और साथ उनकी ऐसी विवेचना की जो युवा हृदय को छू सके।

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