जिनशासन के हीरे मोती

Gems of Jinshasan

A Gem has a place in the Vault and ashes have a place in dumpyard. Gem souls serve the Shasan and souls like Ash keep roaming in the world. If we try to find a Gem, rarely we get it and sometimes we may not. Even if it is rare, we love it a lot.


Jinshasan is full of different Gems and all Gems are full of virtues. One of the Gems is also waiting to make us full of virtues. We have to create the modesty in our heart towards them so that we too can become virtuous.


There are many such Gems in the chain of Jain Sadhviji.

From Arya Brahmi-Sundari to Arya Chandanbala, there are many such Gem Sadhvis even today, who’s practice of abstinence, worship of the order, classic veneration and love towards Jinshasan par excellence make us bow down our head in front of them.


In this incomparable, unprecedented tradition of Shramani bhagwant (sadhvi), one of the Gems was Sadhvi Padmashreeji. In the year 1268 (Vikram Samvat), a divine soul took birth in the family of rich merchant of Khambat. That baby girl’s forehead was shining with a unrivalled destiny. She used to play with golden anklet bells and was living a pleasant life. Also she used to go to the temple and Upashray with her Grandpa. Once Acharya Shree Dharmamurti suriji maharaj saheb came to the temple and that girl also reached there with her Grandpa.


Girls destiny, which can’t be read by the prophet, was read by Acharya shree. He asked her Grandpa to give this girl to Jinshasan. She is efficacious and can go for her welfare as well as others.


Her saintly family also got ready to cede their piece of heart, daughter, for Jinshasan and allowed her to take monkhood. Padma, aged 8 years, became sadhvi Padmashreeji.


Interesting story begins now.

Everyone was fond of Child monk who was sitting near her . Her fascinating charm was an attraction for everyone. One who comes for Vandan, can’t take away their eyes from her. She had a place in everyone’s heart and they used to get inspired from her about taking Diksha (monkhood).


It’s unbelievable but she became a Guruni of 700 disciples within 3 years of her monkhood. At a young age, she was renowned with a post of ‘Pravartini’ and within 3-4 years only she was renowned as a ‘Mahattara’ by an Acharya Bhagwant.


She, excellent in saiyam worshipping, having strong character and complete with immense knowledge, was an ideal for everyone.


She was progressing in Saiyam, following orders, fasting and at the age of 28, she left this world to enjoy the fruits of her sacraments.


In that era, when the idols of Acharyas were a rare thing, the idol of Sadhvi Mahattara was created in the year 1298 (Vikram Sanvat).

This idol can be seen even today in the temple of Lord Sumatinath at Matar Tirth (Gujarat).


Lots of salutations to the unique sadhviji Padmashree maharaj saheb!!

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प्रभु के प्रति अपरम्पार भक्तिभाव, गुरु भगवन्तों के प्रति उछलता अहोभाव, जिनशासन के प्रति असीम बहुमान भाव से जिनका हृदय भरा है, और जिनशासन के विराट प्रसंगों में जिनके सफल संचालन से भाविकों का हृदय नम होता है, ऐसे सुश्रावक की प्रथम लेखमाला का शुभारम्भ भी इसी “faithbook” से हो रहा है। श्रमणी भगवन्तों के प्रति अहोभाव जगाने वाली यह लेखमाला सबके हृदय में सद्भाव की अभिवृद्धि करेगी …

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