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Chagan’s house was stolen, he went to write a report to the police. While writing, the police asked, “What was stolen?” So Chagan said, “Jwellery, money, CD player, mixer, grinder, fridge, clothes, shoes, utensils, show-piece, double bed, chandelier, carpet …” The police constable got upset while writing and said, “Tell me in short.” So Chhagan said, “Everything was stolen except the TV.” Hearing that the police found something fishy, he asked, “Why is the TV not stolen?” So Chhagan said, “I was watching it.”


Today, such a story is going on in every household. Your story is just like Chagan’s story. While watching TV or simply saying that your whole house is plundered while enjoying this outside fantasy, and you are engrossed in watching TV. If you want to save your house, then get rid of this so called fantasy.


When your children don’t know about your money/fame, that is when you are truly rich.


If you fall ill and all the people of the house cancel their program, all turn off their phones and engage in the service of you day and night, this is the true fantasy. Your son will say to you, “Even if all the boys of India go abroad to study, I am not going to leave you anywhere” – this is truly a fantasy. Your daughter will say to you, “Even though all the girls of the society wear western and modern dresses, but I will not do this madness”, this is really a fantasy.

Your wife will say to you, “Even if you work in a lower salary than this, it will work but with so much burden, it will not work, I don’t want anything” Your son’s engagement is going on, both the sides almost like each other, and finally the girl says, “I want a different house” and your boy immediately replies, “I will break up with you now”- this is the real fantasy.

You are sitting eating food, your son and daughter-in-law are serving food, and daughter-in-law says, “Papa! Take another loaf, it is hot, you don’t eat anything at all. ” And from inside the room your Mrs. said, “You feed them more by urging so much, then their health will get worse !!” Do not plead anymore” This is the true fantasy. Make all your property in the name of a son, you hand it over to your son, and your son starts crying and throwing away the papers of that Will, it will be called a true fantasy.

There were calls from your daughter’s in laws, that you had sent your daughter as a ‘goddess’, now she has become our ‘favored clan goddess’, says the fantasy. Seeing the gracious behavior of your son and daughter-in-law, your grandchildren should understand without teaching them that you are the God of this house, this is true fantasy. Even if a billionaire comes to your house for 10-15 minutes and he feels that I am a beggar in front of the wealth of love and peace in your house, this is true fantasy.


I ask you, do you want true fantasy? If yes, then leave a false fantasy. If you want both, it is probably not possible. Throughout your life you kept running after the false fantasy, and at the same time kept crying every day, that no one was there for you in your house, then leave this madness today.


  1. Artistry :

The second letter of the word Family is A, and here A Stands for Artistry. That is, art-skills. There are two types of artistry, true and artificial.

Chhagan’s wife scolded her daughter, “Why is she screaming like crazy?” What are you saying, do you know yourself too? Sound so loud? Such a barrage of words? what is all this? See your brother! How quietly he is sitting. Not a single word is spoken. “The daughter replied,” Mummy! We are playing ‘House’. Bhai is playing the role of Pappa, and I am your…..”

” Chagan once asked his son, “Tell! What is the difference between guns and machine guns? ” The son immediately replied, “Pappa! When you speak, it’s like a gun, and when mother speaks she is like a machine gun. ” Artistry is there in all of us, but the question is, what kind of artistry is there in us? And what should be the type?


Some women dig the tomb of their own life with their tongue, some women make their husband’s life short with their long tongue, and when some husbands break their silence, their married life discontunues. Some children want to get milk by cutting the cow’s skin (udder), while some parents destroy their children by providing best means of happiness.


It is also an art to quarrel for no reason or for any small reason. For some reason, if the atmosphere in the house becomes slightly tense, then increasing that tension by tenfold is also an art. If the person in front has reached to 50% respect for you in his heart, devaluing it to -50% is also an art. Giving Headache to others in the house is also an art in those people who have the same. When we enter the house, at that time everyone in the house should be waiting for you to go out again, creating such an environment is also an art.



All the above examples are only part of art skills, but they are all negative artistry. If you want to save the family, then you have to learn positive artistry.


When Sweetu’s mother died, her father remarried. Neighbours and relatives explained Sweetu, “Beware of stepmother. She will beat you, scold you and not let you live. She will never have true love for you. ”

This thing went deep in Sweetu’s mind. But her stepmother was good. She gave true affection to Sweetu, taking care of her, but Sweetu found it all negative. He would disobey his stepmother, , “You are not my mother, you do not have true love for me” and broke her heart. She used to cry lightly alone and lighten her heart.


One day the Taj Mahal’s expensive show-piece brought by the father broke while Sweetu was playing ball. Sweetu got scared. Pappa came from office. Sweetu hid in the kitchen out of fear and started standing in the corner of the gate. Pappa sat on the couch, looked at the table when the show-piece was missing. He asked, “Where did the Taj Mahal go? ”


Sweetu’s heart beats started running like express trains. He started thinking that my stepmother would tell everything and Pappa would bash me. He started trembling due to fear. On the other hand, the stepmother said, “I broke it while cleaning. “Pappa’s anger touched the seventh sky upon hearing this.” He did not look at them, picked up the paper-weight and hit it directly on the mother’s head and went out of the house in anger.


Sweetu came running and hugged her mother and started crying loudly, “You are my true mother. You truly love me. ”Then Sweetu put an ointment on her mother’s wound with her hands, bandaged. His mother was smiling. This one artistry gave her the pleasure of a lifetime.


Some Satyavadis destroy the entire house with the ‘bomb’ of their truth. Whereas these same truths do not have to learn the artistry of lying in business or jobs. I ask you, what is the maximum loss if the artistry does not come out? And if there is no artistry in the house, what will be the minimum loss? If you think peacefully, then you will feel that you are a student of the top class.

I recall this poem:


Rang hai, tarang hai, angoothi ke sang hai

Nau graho ke nang hai, phir bhi Jeevan tang hai


It is your wish that your son does not break the rule of Chauvihar even in any party or special context. Now he came to a birthday party, and you came to know that he had dinner there.


Normally in such a situation you get severely broken on him. But you have to be wise. The next day you bring a gift for him and pat him in front of all the members of the house and say, “Deep maintained his integrity even by going to such a party. Even when everyone was eating cake, he kept his Chauvihara unbroken, how difficult is it to do? Deep has retained my spirit of years. It has increased our status today, I am proud of my son, well done !! ”


Deep apologises immediately by falling into your feet with wet eyelashes on the same day, and say, “Pappa! I had dinner, but from now on I will never do this. No matter how big and high the event is, but I will not eat it at night. ”


May be Deep does not improve in this way, may be a gift to improve it is different, but you just answer one thing – when you try to improve his nature, do you understand his ‘nature’ first and according to his ‘nature’ Improve it? Or are you correcting it according to your nature? When you try to improve it according to your nature, regardless of how you improve it, then in reality you are spoiling it.

There is also an artistry of expressing love, and there is also an art of slapping. Doing anything blindly without artistry can be risky.

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