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The history of Mahabharata is a long history of India. Other history has been changing, but it has not changed the history of Mahabharata, hence the review of Ramayana and Mahabharata should be separated from the review of other poetic works. Due to its characters that made this history and poetry immortal and female characters have also been ranked a little higher in it.


Because the contribution of female characters has been more in the creation of Mahabharata. And in that too, the contribution of Pandav’s wife Maharani Draupadi has been omnipresent. how? let’s watch …


When Uttara, Arjuna’s wife, gave birth to Abhimanyu, then Dharmaraja Yudhishthira, returning from Digvijay, organized the Jinabhakti Festival in this behalf. Kings, Maharajas and affectionate relatives came from abroad. How can Duryodhan also stay behind, he also came.


On this occasion, Dharmaraja organized a divine assembly, whose composition was amazing and unprecedented. Dharmaraj was walking forward to show Duryodhana his love and Duryodhana followed him.


I am Draupadi, the interior remains incomplete without me. The glow of any affair is incomplete without a woman, every occasion is identified with the woman. On top of that I was the wife of the Pandavas, the queen of the state and being a youth, I also loved to be sarcastic. Duryodhana considered the transparent crystal floor as water in the divine assembly and with the intention of avoiding the clothes to get wet, he started walking high.


Seeing this, me and Bhima started laughing. Then he did not see a transparent wall of crystal and Duryodhana collided with it and broke his head. Seeing this, we laughed out loud. Jokingly came out of my mouth, “blind son of blind man.”


But this laughter was very heavy, Dharmaraj Yudhishthira was silent on seeing all this. If they had scolded me a little at that time, there would not have been such a huge disaster in the future. The loss that was caused by my speaking, probably the same loss was also due to Dharmaraj not speaking.


The fact is that if you don’t speak where you should, there is a higher probability of loss. And if you speak where you shouldn’t, there is less possibility of harm. If I had spoken where Dharmaraja spoke, Duryodhana would not have bothered it much.


The words spoken in the name of ‘father’, Bhima supporting me and Yudhishthira’s silence had planted a feeling of insult in Duryodhana’s mind. It was here that the Massacre of Mahabharata was born.


Duryodhana had now become a firm enemy of the Pandavas, that is why when Dharmaraja had defeated me in the gaming assembly, Duryodhana made a cruel and perverted joke telling me to sit there in a full meeting. Not only that, I was menstruating at that time, regardless of this, he gave a disgusting order to the Dushashasan to drag me by my hair to the Raj Sabha.


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At that time, Duryodhana’s mother Gandhari and grandfather Bhishma should have come forward to rebuke Duryodhana, but unfortunately this did not happen. Even big people like Bhishma and Gandhari remained silent, did not speak where they wanted to speak, so the damage was more. It is from here that the roots of Mahabharata deepened. Of course, Duryodhana’s mistake was no small, the villain of the entire Mahabharata was the same, but in the background of it, the insulting words uttered by me and the silence of Gandhari, etc. were also working.


Of course my name is taken as Dowai in the morning Rai Pratikraman in the Bharahesar sajhhay, because I was not Sati, but Mahasati. As all the twenty-seven Satis had to live with the same male partner for twenty-four hours through out the life, but I had to accept one in five men every year as husband, according to the arrangement made by Narada, and the remaining four had to be seen as a brother for that year. Every year the husband changed, and the former husband became a brother again and again, fulfilling such a situation was a difficult and very difficult task. How difficult is it to be like a brother with a husband who has treated him like a husband in the previous year. But I devoted this relationship sincerely, so I got the identity of Mahasati, not Sati.


After that I was not only a Mahasati, but also a wise person. That is why I had bowed others’ head in shame at the meeting, where I was undressed, by asking subtle and unanswerable questions. If a person who has lost himself does not have authority over his wife, how can he put his wife at stake? And how can those who do not dare to speak truth and clearness be called honorable men?


Just as I had high qualities like Mahasatattva and intelligence, similarly there were also defects of anger etc. For example, I had unhesitatingly spoken to Dharmaraja that if your mother had given birth to a daughter in your place, she would have been a million times better than you, you are like an eunuch. I have expressed anger many times with words. In that too, due to the association with Bhima, or sometimes due to the incident of gambling, or due to suffering in exile, my anger was cracked many times.


When Ashwatthama killed my five sons in a single night, I l stubbornly asked to hold him and cut his head in front of me. My persistence was also unusual. Once in exile a lotus fell on my lap while flying. The lotus was very beautiful, I was insisting to bring the similar lotus. When Bhima searched the origin of that lotus, he found a pond. He entered there without the consent of the owner of that pond, and when he landed in the pond to take the lotus, he started drowning there.


In search of Bhima, Arjun and other brothers also reached there, and they also made the same mistake, and they also drowned in that pond. Finally Yudhishthira had the same condition. Here Mata Kunti and I started kayotsarga for the life of Pandavas. Throughout the night, we had become so engrossed in the meditation of Panch Parmeshthi, that our body had become like a stub.


At that time, the Dev-Vimana going through the sky was ejected due to our meditation. Indra seated in it ascertained the situation with his knowledge and sent his messenger to Nagaraja of Patala. And got the Pandavas released from the owner of that pond there. In the morning, the angel brought the Pandavas to us by putting them on the plane, everyone had a pleasant meeting. The stubbornness of matter puts man in so much trouble, and how much pleasure the insistence on God gives, it was revealed by this incident.


Some humans are material-effective, some virtuous-effective and some divine-effective. Substance-dominant people are indulgent, virtuous-dominant ones are sacrificial and God-dominant ones are yogic. The only thing I would say from this context is that the lesser the requirements, the lesser the sins, and the troubles will also reduce. The subtle power of kayotsarga, that is, spiritual strength has so much power, it is proved by this context.


See another such incident. I once became lonely in the forest, and got caught in a terrible situation. It was night time and I was regretting this. A hungry lion was seen wandering here and there in the terrible forest, I was shocked. But I stood still with a faith in religion. The lion was ready to attack, so I made a line on the sand, and looking at the lion I said,


Yadi me prananathen satyarekha na langhati

Tada Tamapyamu Rekham Sma Shardul Langhay



Hey Vanraj! If my husband has never violated the truth line, do not violate this line also. And as if truth and sattva had an effect on Lion and he changed his path. When I moved forward, a snake came in front of me while chirping. When I saw him, I roared, ‘If I have not cheated with my five husbands with mind, speech and physique, O serpent! Go away from here. ”The snake immediately went from there.


True, I had great love for my five husbands and I was also completely devoted to them. During the exile, I used to eat only after feeding five husbands and mother Kunti.



How did I have 5 husbands? If you have a husband, then the woman is called Sati. I had five husbands, yet why did I call Mahasati? The answer will come from my previous birth, not in this birth.


In the former Birth I was a sadhvi named Sukumalika. Even after the Guru’s refusal, I used to meditate on the pain of taking sunlight in the forest like sages. Once I saw a prostitute playing with five men a little distance away, and I also felt like being a woman who tried the same way. At the same time I did a resolution and put the earnings of the spiritual practice into the gambling of Mohraja’s world. Even good work done against the orders of parents and the master does not lead to success.


The Guru’s words should never be opposed. The penance and envy against the Guru’s command struck me heavily. As a result of this, I went to put a swayamvara in the neck of Arjun, who practiced Radhavedh, but also fell in the neck of the other four. At that time, the Gods situated in the sky did this work. So the father King Drupada, who was in irony, heard the voice, “Rajan! You should not become confused, this is the result of deeds of its predecessor. It cannot escape it.” Hearing this my father gave me consent for five husbands.


In the evening of my life, I took initiation, practiced beautiful self-restraint and went to heaven.

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