I am Yudhishthira, the holder of easy forgiveness

Myself Yudhishthira, the eldest brother among the five Pandavas and the hundred Kauravas. The signs of the son are seen in cradle. My family was virtuous and in such a family a genius like me was born, as if sugar was found in milk and the flag was blossomed on the summit. I received the crown of Hastinapur as the eldest child. Truthfulness and courtesy were my two powerful weapons that Duryodhana did not have. Although Duryodhana was also a little courtesy, he smelled of selfishness. I was calm and patient from birth.


My birth was informed by auspicious dreams, Mother Kunti used to have very good thoughts after me coming into her womb. Sometimes the virtuous thoughts of the mother affect the son, sometimes the virtuous virtue of the son affects the mother.


If we divide into 4:


(1) Best mother- Best son,

(2) Good mother- Best Son,

(3) Best mother – Good Son,

(4) Worst mother – worst Son


If the mother is best, then she has a good effect on the son, and if the womb is good, then it also affects the ethics of the mother. Duryodhana’s mother Gandhari was excellent. Of course Duryodhana was unhappy, but I never saw Duryodhana as unhappy in my life, that was my greatness. On the contrary, Duryodhana lived in thoughts of killing me. Where there is no consideration of the other, there is inferiority.


In the scriptures, these are the five types of forgiveness,


(1) forgiveness of the transgressor,


(2) Forgiveness with the benevolent,


(3) Vipak pardon,


(4) Permit forgiveness and


(5) Natural forgiveness.


In this, the fifth natural forgiveness is not only called good but the best. This forgiveness was born in me. The forgiveness that is in the best monk was in me. People called me Dharmaraja because of such qualities like forgiveness, honesty and promise. I was really Dharmaraja.


I’ll tell you a true incident :


Once when we were in exile, Duryodhana, Karna and their entire platoon descended into the forest with a plan to kill us. When he forcibly took possession of a Vidyadhar’s palace in the forest, Vidyadhar attacked him with his army and detained Duryodhana, etc., in a room. When Duryodhana’s wife Bhanumati came to know about this, she went to Bhishma Pitamah. The father said that only the Pandavas have the power to rescue your husband, so you take shelter of them. Bhanumati came to us in the forest. Bhima and Arjuna were enraged at the hearing of that, that the person who came to kill us should not be saved under any circumstances. But I was Dharmaraja, so I decided to help Bhanumati. The Vidyadhar who had arrested Duryodhana etc. was a friend of Arjuna, so I entrusted this task to Arjuna. Arjuna was obedient and gracious to the elders. I told the rest of the Pandavas, that we five and Duryodhana & hundred kauravas are in the fight among themselves, but when objections come from outside, we are one hundred and five, all one. Then Arjuna met that Vidyadhar and rescued Duryodhana, etc from his bond. In this way I also adopted the instinct to be helpful to the enemy.


My two brothers, Nakula and Sahadev’s mother was Madri and Madri’s brother Madraraj was a surgeon. When we Pandavas sent a message to join Madraraj in their favor, Madraja himself came to meet us. After a long time, uncle and nephew were meeting. After justifying each other, Madraraj threw light on his talk and said, “Yudhishthira! I am ashamed to tell you, yet you are judicious, so listen to me with love. Duryodhana had sent a call for help before the messenger from your side would invite me for war. And I had accepted his point. Therefore, I am committed to that.


Now I am stuck in a dilemma, what to do? “


I said, “Uncle!” Your word is worthy, do not worry at all in this matter. Because like us, Duryodhana is your nephew. You help him, I have no objection in this. Follow your word with joy. ” Seeing my generosity at that time, Madraraj was humbled. In fact, if there was a villain in the entire Kuru dynasty, it was Duryodhana and if there was a hero, I was the same asa Dharmaraja. This is not my brag, but the reality.


If you still want to see my glory, then it will be seen on the field of Kurukshetra. When the two sides were standing at the battlefield of Kurukshetra, equipped with their respective Chaturangini forces, and it was only a couple of hours before the war started, Arjuna made a tinkle with his Gandeev bow, for a moment. For this, everyone’s ears became deaf. But at the same time I got down from my chariot, and without taking a single weapon in my hand, on foot, moved forward towards the rival Kaurava army. Everyone was surprised to see me going like this. Sri Krishna etc. was also skeptical whether this Dharmaraj is not going to hand over the kingdom of Hastinapur to Duryodhana and take voluntary retirement after taking this big war into account. Many such arguments started taking place on both sides.


I reached the great Bhishma Pitamah of the Kuru dynasty, touched his feet and greeted him with a sincere gesture. After that, Dronacharya and Kripacharya saluted the gurus and elders. At that time Bhishma-Dron, etc elders were also embarrassed by seeing this kindness of my best, and they blessed my head with a hand, ‘Vijay Bhavaah’ – May you win in battle. While praying, his eyes got wet, and they started thinking about where Yudhishthira and Duryodhana. They could see only the idols of both true and untrue…!


Bewildered by my humility, Bhishma Pitamah said to me, “Son! My admiration for you is the same today, and your devotion towards us is the same. But we are very helpless, he has served us in such a way that we cannot leave him. We have lost our truth by flowing in the wrong flow. In spite of truth and justice being in your favor, as a coward, we are sitting in favor of untruth and injustice. Yudhisthira ! Having firm faith, your victory is certain, because righteousness and justice are with you. ”


Why did I get such blessings? You remember that gentleman’s post:


Vinay Vado sansaramam ja ki jamana adhikai re

Garvey gun jaaye gali, prani juo vichari re

Maan karyoon jo ravane, te to rame mario re

Duryodhana Garve kari, Ante Sav Hario Re



Bless us on the enemy’s side, how can this be possible? Simply, Humbleness is the largest in the world. Even today, if there is such a humility of the younger people in any family, then that family becomes all-round prosperous. All this happened to talk about my positive portrayal, but now I can also tell my other end, which can be called a weak link.

In fact, arrogance and gambling were my weak links even after my superior identity in the world as Dharmaraja. Shakuni Mama was fully aware of this, that is why Mama sent us an invitation by making a new divine meeting at Indraprastha and there were hamlets of gamblers at every distance. Only one of them invited me that Dharmaraja! Let us gamble.At first I hesitated, but Mama Shakuni, standing nearby, teasing my ego, said, “You are excellent in muscle power, but if you are weak in brain, don’t play.” These words shook me and I said in my mind that we are no less than anyone in intellect, and gambling started. Shakuni had mechanical dice, he kept beating me, and I kept on losing. In the end, Draupadi was also staked and lost. There was chaos everywhere, just from that the Mahabharata war began to sound.


In the past, this soul has developed beautiful qualities by following religion, and has also collected faults by behaving iniquity. Accordingly, those qualities or doshas appear outside in this birth due to getting excited. There is definitely some weakness in older people, which comes out at such a time.


My gambling love is the root of all my sorrows, after which I was very traumatized. Duryodhana, who was not peaceful even after giving us a sentence of exile, used to maneuver the lacquer house to kill us, then the very angry Draupadi used to address me with words like “coward” and sarcasm. Everyone was troubled by the many sufferings of exile. Walking on bumpy roads, when a stone pierced in the feet, blood flow started flowing, sometimes due to hunger Draupadi etc. fell unconscious, at that time Bhima used to lift everyone. One night, seeing all of us sleeping on the rocky earth, Bhima cried frantically while watching the night. These circumstances of Kunti and wife Draupadi, mother of five Pandavas !! Yet I was actually Yudhishthira in a situation of struggle and conflict.


The one who remains stable in the war, does not bother at all, is called Yudhishthira. My brothers, mother and wife also used to get restless whenever the situation became unbearable, Draupadi would rage her hair in anger, banging her chest and head and talk to Duryodhana immediately, at that time I would say the same thing. Only after accepting thirteen years of exile, I got back the lost Draupadi.


On completion of exile, the throne of Hastinapur will be returned. If there is injustice in him, I alone will kill Duryodhana, but today I can not do this act by committing a promise. Neither will you let me do it. If Duryodhana is unhappy, should we also become unhappy ? As such, I do not accept the policy of tit for tat.

By the way, my only identity is sufficient, as if I stood like a stable Himalaya amidst many storms, Yudhishthira.

You would know that in the end of life, all five of us Pandavas took Pravajya and set salvation on Giriraj with 20 crore sages on Aso Shukla Purnima.

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