I, Bhishma Pitamah (Part- 2)

Lord of the era, Rishabhdev, had a hundred sons. One of them was Kuru. The country of Kuru became famous by the name of this Kuru. Hastinapur was settled in the name of Kuru’s son Hasti. Many virtuous, valiant kings ruled the throne of this Hastinapur. In his tradition, Shantanu was also a brave and fair king. And Goddess River Ganga’s son Bhishma was the the child of the same Shantanu. Since childhood, he used to hold five fasts (like non-violence, etc) and indulged in the constant Satsang of the Charan Munis. In the past you saw that I accepted the renunciation of the life throne and celibacy for fulfilling my father’s desire to marry a girl named Satyavati. Nowadays, in order to keep the children happy, the elderly at home and parents give up their happiness and desires and keep their emotions suppressed. While I sacrificed two great joys of my life to keep my father happy, for his happiness.


Now I come to the basic point. Satyavati was not really the daughter of a sailor, but the sailor king had found this girl years ago in the form of Tej under the Ashoka tree on the banks of the Yamuna. The sailor king, who was very impressed by seeing her face, happily accepted the responsibility that came over him. After taking that daughter in hand, there was a Godly oracle that Ratnavati, wife of Ratnangad, king of Bharatpur, had given birth to a daughter. Immediately after birth, a secret enemy of the king has kidnapped this girl here. In the future Shantanu Raja will be marrying this flamboyant girl. The sailor went ahead and imparted such rites and such education to the Princess, who was more important than the daughter, that his future children also won’t get any less in the rite. Otherwise how will such a gem will come in the house of a beggar? I am grateful for today. If Satyavati had been my real daughter and I would not have been the foster father of Satyavati, I would never have insisted that only Satyavati’s son should become king. The owner can reduce the value of his item, but how can the guardian reduce that price?


Great Bhishma! Sorry if I hurt you. I said, “O Sailor! The education you have given Satyavati to become a politician will be universally accepted. The holy blood of the scholars will flow back to our Kuru dynasty through Mother Satyavati, as they are the children of scholar wife and scholar son King Ratnangad, who are children of Nami and Vinami, who in turn are foster sons of Lord Adinath Prabhu. Not only our clan, but whole Hastinapur will be blessed with this incident. As my foster grandfather I have bowed at your feet.


Time flows, as well as age.


Time and age do not wait for anyone. Nobody can stop them. The amazing work of a person also puts the time in awe. Due to my Bhishma vows, I became Bhishma; from Gangeya. I had just arrived in my full youth. Mother Satyavati had become the mother of two children even before my father’s death. The elder son’s name was Chitrangad and the younger one was Vichitravirya. Both were my half brothers, but I considered these two more than the real brothers. Chitrangad was elder, so I gave him the throne. Which fulfilled the wish of Nanashree Sailor King. The children of the best parents are the best, yet the human is only human, not God. Shortcomings of Parents and elderly people are inherited by children. Our father King Shri Shantanu had many qualities, but there was also a flaw. His weak link was hunting. It had covered all his merits. Something similar happened in Chitrangad and Vichitravirya. They also became the enjoyment of each weak link.


It happened that a Buddhist king named Nilangad invaded our kingdom. I also prepared for war, but Chitrangad had a desire in his mind. He told me’ ” big brother! You don’t go At this time let me go first to battle on the battleground.” I refused, but he did not agree. He could not survive during the war. In front of child persistence, I was forced and he died. Later I caught Nilangad alive and brought him to death in one blow of the sword. But remember, any child if they disobey elders, could be in the same condition as of Chitrangad’s.


Older people are experienced. Their age is experienced; they have seen so many ups and downs, spring, and autumn. Their long-term experience serves as the elixir for the children. The children see only the present, but in front of the eyes of these elders, the huge future of the children and their own past stands. To make the future of children grand, these elders serve the nectar of their past. Therefore, one should never disobey and count the beneficial words of the elderly. Even they do not fix in your mind, their command and pride should not be violated. In many cultural clans, younger ones who follow the order of elders, the dignity of their words, and the rate of life of those who sacrificed the rites become happy, against the generations that do opposite and who are incognito, fail in life. careful! Any well-meaning elderly is a boon to your family and home, they are like a banyan tree. Never ignore them.


Chitrangad died. After doing his posthumous act, I placed the younger brother Vichitravirya on the throne. In the same royal family, he was married to three daughters of Kashi Naresh – Ambika, Ambalika, and Amba. The son of Mata Satyavati and my younger brother Vichitravirya handled the throne efficiently, in which the leadership was mine. Our people were happy and relieved with the rule. The king and the people were living a happy life. But under my leadership, the restless Vichitravirya became lustful with his queens. Due to extreme sexuality, his body began to be affected. I immediately caught his attention. Mother Satyavati’s gesture also worked. Of course! Vichitravirya was sensible.


His all three queens had one son each. Mother Satyavati’s happiness was boundless. She had now become a grandmother and I had the satisfaction of completing my duty. Dhritarashtra was born from Ambika’s womb, who was blind by birth. The passion of Vichitravirya had blinded his eyes. Ambalika gave birth to Pandu. He had a paediatrician illness by birth, hence his name was Pandu. Vichitravirya’s lust did this work. Amba gave birth to Vidur. All three Rajputs were virtuous and fortunate in all ways. Successfully practiced as a teenager and entered the courtyard of puberty.


Here Vichitravirya’s lust caught again. He had forgotten our preaching, but now even day and night was not considered. He did not listen to the queens as well. Diseases such as cough, breathing, and decay surrounded the body. Lost bodybuilding capacity and health. He lost his life due to extreme woman-confluence. Excess enjoyment of lust and women took his enjoyment. Most universally forbidden. The entire family, including Satyavati, had become destitute. Youth is infact to live a better life, but he did not live in his youth. That is why in Jain scriptures, in the fourth vow, it has been said to keep as much dignity and restraint as possible in the subject of not only your wife but also towards other ladies. Man’s virtue, body power, and enjoyment should be limited. Doctors and Vaidyas also advise being as restrained as possible. Celibacy (Brahmacharya) means the cradle of virtue. Through this, protection has been seen from so many great evils.


These are …Sex education, education, TV obscene scenes, movies, serial, blue films mobile and net filthy pictures, dirty games, dirty jokes, dirty chatting, ravishing dresses, and the juiciness of gutkha provoke lust. Just! This is Bhishma Pitamah’s bountiful worship! The first half of my life was completed. Later in my life, by writing in the last article, my character will be completed. The characters of Mahabharata have been born. We have to briefly read Mahabharata

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