I am Kunti

Reaching the summit of youth, my form, quality, tact and beauty had blossomed through sixteen arts. My father, Andhak Vrishni, was very much anxious for my marriage and was in search of a worthy Prince for me. The father consulted the eldest son Samudravijay. Samudravijay was not interested in organizing the Swayamvara, so he asked me to make my tapestry and send it to all the kings and princes, and to consider the answer on whose behalf. My father liked this, so he got my screen prepared and sent copies of it to several kings in the hands of a nobleman.


Nobleman reached the border of Hastinapur by taking pictures. At the same time Bhishma and Pandu were out on a trip. Seeing my picture, Bhishma was stunned and Pandu was enchanted. To get more information in me, Bhishma took that Nobleman with him to the palace, welcomed him. He described me as the only princess Kunti, born after 10 sons of King Andhaka Vrishni and Queen Subhadra of Shauryapur. As if the mind and vision of Pandu were not taking the name of moving away from my screen. They felt that the princess seen in the picture was looking at them, and their face.


The king said to the grandfather, “Grandfather! Your king Pandu is still single and eligible for Kunti. Kunti will also like the prince.” Bhishma also had a desire to get Pandu married, so he too liked it. Raja Pandu wanted to get married to me soon, so he immediately sent his personal servant Prasannahasti along with the Nobleman to my father. Pandu too was very happy.


Both of them reached the court of my father Andhak Vrishni, the king of Shauryapur, and told the whole conversation. Brother Samudravijay was also very happy to hear the praise of King Pandu’s qualities. Everyone agreed to this marriage and an announcement was yet to be made. My father went to my mother Subhadra to explain this. My mother expressly refused to marry me with yellow pandu. Hearing this, all the people were stunned. Father Andhak Vrishni accepted the decision of mother Subhadra, and the whole thing was gone. Prasanna returned and told Bhishma Pitamah with a heavy heart. Pitamah carefully told this thing to King Pandu. King Pandu was shocked after hearing this. He wept heartily and asked Prasannahasti, “Even though Kunti’s father did not accept the marriage, but how’s Kunti’s face while talking about me, Jubilee happily said,” Princess Kunti wants you only from Rome. But the mother of Subhadra On refusal, as if an earthquake has occurred, the lines of such depression are on the face of the virgin.


Asked Khusnasti, “Even though Kunti’s father did not accept the marriage, but when telling about how Kunti’s face”, he happily said that Princess Kunti wants you only. But as if there was an earthquake, the lines of such gloom were seen on her face.”


This is called life, which takes you from one substance to another, from one area to another, from one time to another time, from one coincidence to another coincidence, from one sense to another, from one disconnection to another. Nobody’s thought work. The thought is only that of the owner, and the owners are two, one is Religion and Second Karma. And all earthly creatures are mere puppets.


In my and Raja Pandu’s life, there was separation before connection.
The tradition of yoga is the tradition of this world. And in the whirlpool of this tradition, both I and Raja Pandu were trying to float. It seemed as if we were separated from the whole world, not from each other. Both of them were seeing their whole world in each other. While spending time alone, King Pandu went out alone to roam the forest. He could see my form in every creeper, branch, flower and leaves of the forest. Enchantment ghosts a man, and it often makes him fight by chance, and forces him in front of circumstances.



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Pandu was in the forest with his body, but his mind was making me happy. At that time, he saw an unconscious person under a tree. His face was as sharp as kings, but the whole body was covered in blood. Blood was also scattered on nearby lands. His body was buried on the earth with five big nails. King Pandu felt pity for him, and forgetting his mental anguish, he began to free him.


The person sat in his senses, got a little healthier with the virtuous medicines of the forest, and asked Raja Pandu, “My soul! Who are you? How did you reach here?” So King Pandu said, “I have reached here walking, but who are you?” So he said, I am Vishalaksha Vidyadhar. I live in the mountain of Vaitadhya. My supreme enemy picked me up from there and slammed me here and clinged me to the ground with five spikes. But you have done a great favor by saving me without any reason. I cannot repay this benevolence, but I will give this ring to you, due to its effect you will get the desired fruit. Not only this, you will be able to tame whatever you want. And no matter how deep the wound is, it dries up. Three such medicines are also in it. Please accept it. ”


Saying so, he gave that ring to King Pandu, and went through the sky. King Pandu looked at him in awe.


Then he remembered his Hearty Kunti, that is, me, and suddenly miraculously he found himself in some other place. There, I became impatient to remember only King Pandu as my only husband, burning in the fire of violence, taking care of my chaste mother, and longing for death by hanging. My foster mother was explaining to me well, and was comforting not to become impatient, but my life was not ready to remain in my body against King Pandu. Even after explaining to lakhs of the goddesses, I prepared the hanging noose and hugged it and called to the forest deity, “O deity one! In this birth, the virtuous king could not get Pandu, but in the coming life this King Pandu should be my life, this is my prayer. ”


So, due to the effect of that ring, King Pandu standing in the same forest heard my voice and ran towards me. Before he hanged me to death, he cut the noose with his sword. I fell unconscious and fell directly into his lap. He tried and alerted me again. My eyes opened and I started making many questions. Where am I, sleeping on the lap of which man?


In this way, King Pandu introduced himself, then my grief went away and I came in excess of happiness.


The birds began to have good luck, and the clever Feeding mother got our Gandharva marriage announced in front of the family of both of us and asked us to rest in the stable green bushes just a short distance away. It happened late at night. We were united in the endless peace of the forest.


The body was impenetrable today, just like the impenetrable mind. We reached the culmination of physical happiness without the permission of parents.

Without this, we made this connection. At the end of the night, Feeding mother promised to reunite the two of us and Separated us.


My only trusted foster mother was very clever. He took great care in hiding my womb by Pandu. My parents did not even get a clue. Finally I gave birth to a son in due course. I was scared. One had to do the other work to hide one. The Raj family and no one else was aware of this. In the end, I became ashamed and decided to leave a beautiful Kumar like Dev dependent on his fate.


I made plans with foster mother and put the embellished son in a copperplate with a graceful coil on the banks of the Ganges. The fragments of his heart, that newborn Kumar reluctantly left the Ganges River.


This was a major accident in the future Mahabharata. Till now I was suffering against my husband Pandu, now the pain of son added to it. The happiness of my body and mind was over.

When my mother saw my body getting weak, she put pressure on her mother and knew the whole thing. After knowing the truth, Mata Subhadra thought, ‘Who is to blame for this untoward? Goddess mother? Kunti? Pandu All this happened because of my refusal, it is the result of my insistence. It is meaningless to mourn what has happened now. He sent messages to my father Andhakavrishni, Bhishma Pitamah etc. and got me duly married to Pandu. The whole of Hastinapur was happy, and our married life also started going through joy.


The rest of my story will be found in the next correspondence of Draupadi.

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