परमात्मा बनाने के 20 Steps

Journey: from the world to the Sidhhashila

Second step – Siddha


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We are currently on the journey where God himself is standing on the floor, and is eagerly waiting for us, with arms outstretched, we are eager to take ourselves in his arms, the Lord is eager to make us God. There are twenty steps to become God. Today we will know the second step. The second step is to worship the Siddha verse.


There can be many scholars, qualified people in the world. They may have CA Degree, MBA degree or CFA. But can anyone find the one who has all the degrees of the world?

All have different tendencies, have different skills, even though one cannot master each and every field. Even if one wants to achieve, he or she cannot achieve everything, cannot become what he/she wants to be.



A woman proves to have the art of cooking, she keeps talking and cooking, but as much spice falls from her hand as it should. Her hand also falls on the fixed turmeric or chilli box out of all the compartments, without looking as if her hands have eyes. An artist can play the keyboard perfectly even with his eyes closed, he has been proved to have the art of music.



A painter takes a brush in his hand and after immersing it in two or three colors, he fills the world of colors on canvas, because he has proved that art. There are many such Kalasiddh – Karmasiddha (experts). But in all subjects who have attained accomplishment, they are called true siddhas. And their place is beyond this world. The highest place in the world has been fixed for those Siddha Bhagwantas. It is called the place of salvation – the place nearest to Siddhshila.



Those who reside on this Siddhshila have every type of wealth, gain and property for ever. He is always in bliss, he has full knowledge of all things. There are no such questions for which they does not have answers. They are eternally situated on the state between happiness and sorrow, which is called the states of bliss. They do not do anything but remain immersed in their enjoyment for all eternity. There is no enjoyment of doing anything, but the joy of being complete is always retained in their experience.


Siddha is perfect, they know their things. But we have to become God, we have to do our devotion, this song has to be sung for this devotion.



Siddh pad

(ek pyaar ka nagama ..)

siddhi ke dhaarak ho, arihant pad daayak ho,

siddh prabhu ! mein binatee, mere lakshy mein bane rahana |||

karmo ka kshay karake, us moksh ko paaya hai,

nahin koee yahaan apana, duniya ko ye sikhaaya hai,

mere antar ke mal ka vaise  hee dahan karana…. (1)

avinaashee ho prabhu ! tum aur sab kuchh vinaashee hai |

satta, sampatti, svajan na koee saathee hai |

avinaashee bhakti ka mujhako bhee var dena …..  (2)

arihant kee aagya par,

jab aap rahe the achal ;

tab paaya pad ye achal,

aur ban gae amar amal

meree chanchalata har kar,

mujhe satv achal dena…..(3)

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शास्त्रबोध, संवेदनशीलता और शीघ्र-कवित्व का व्यक्तित्व धारण करने वाले मुनिवर ने, भगवान बनने का राजमार्ग, अर्थात् वीसस्थानक पर नूतन काव्यों की रचना की और साथ उनकी ऐसी विवेचना की जो युवा हृदय को छू सके।

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