Lady, you are a Goddess !!

Presently, there are around 650 different religions existing in the world. In the beginning, a lady used to get ‘saintliness’  in around 40-50 religions.


As the time passed, due to various reasons like leniency in ethics, fascination towards luxury and disinclination towards spirituality, most of the religions closed the doors of Saintliness for women!!


But here ‘The Jinashasan’ (Jain world) has generated a wonderful surprise!! The places of misconduct or fornication and the thirst of desire have not been successful even today in touching the Shasan (world) of Lord Mahaveer. And due to the splendor of purity, Shramani (women saintliness) tradition of Jinshasan (Jain world) is glorifying even today!


Shravika (Women who follow the principles of Jainism) is not only the mother of great saints but also inspires Shravaka (Men who follow the prinviples of Jainism) to walk on the path of religion. She actually makes the interpretation of a word ‘Dharmapatni’ (wife) a meaningful one!! Also Shramani mother, who inspires someone walking on the path of religion to stabilize, is also a Teacher !!


Just as one of the broken legs of a table threatens the person climbing on it, the building of The Jinshasan is resting on the four important pillars such as 1) Shraman (Men saint), 2) Shramani (Women saint), 3) Shravaka, 4) Shravika. Outer beauty and grandeur of a high rise is a result of its strong pillars. It’s inner beauty is actually those pillars.


Our hearts start beating just by looking at our grand temple. But actually strong rocks at the roots, which are not visible to anyone, are it’s real support system. In the same manner, Jain religion is ‘Shramanpradhan’ (male saints at the front) and ‘Shraman bhagwants’ (male saints) they have been seated at the peak. But the real strong rocks which are not observed generally are the ‘Shramani bhagwants’. They preserve this building of Jinshasan through their essence, meditation, virtues, purity and strength !!


In the development of the Jain religion, women have played a very important role. Many a times they have shown their power. Women have always dominated the nation, the region and the culture with their qualities.


In this ‘Avsarpini kaal’ (current era), the doors of Salvation were opened by a women only. Mata Marudevi (mother of 1st Tirthankar Rushabhdev ji) actually adopted the rule of ‘Ladies First’ and achieved the salvation before his son. Sadhvi (saint) Brahmi and Sadhvi Sundari (sisters of 1st Tirhankar Rushabhdev ji) brought down his brother (Bahubali ji) from the elephant of his ego.


Mahasati Chellana, whose ‘Samyak Darshan’ was appreciated by Lord Mahavira in Samavasaran, distanced King Shrenik from his religious paranoia and showed him what actually religion is.


Who is unaware of a compassionate mother Sadhvi who awakened Arnik muni from the sleep of fascination and stabilized him in Saiyam Jeevan (Life of chastity) ?


How beautiful were the neutral emotions of a mother Mahalasa who imbibed moral emotions in her son swinging in cradle by reciting spiritual song ‘Shudhhosi, Budhhosi’?


Valor of Gangadevi, mother of Bhishma Pitamaha, who brought promissory King Shantanu on an ethical path was really incomparable.

A woman’s heart has a ‘Prayag’ of 3 rivers such as ‘Ganga of Pride and Dignity’, ‘Yamuna of passionate language’ and ‘Sarasvati of Service and Dedication’ !!


Bow down to the feet of Shramani bhagwant!!


Pray for Happiness of everyone:


India has got the respect due to the power of great ladies,

Sun and moon have been stayed because of the power of those saints,

Good lady lights the candle of innovation,

And makes the earth heaven with beautiful, bright ideals!!

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प्रभु के प्रति अपरम्पार भक्तिभाव, गुरु भगवन्तों के प्रति उछलता अहोभाव, जिनशासन के प्रति असीम बहुमान भाव से जिनका हृदय भरा है, और जिनशासन के विराट प्रसंगों में जिनके सफल संचालन से भाविकों का हृदय नम होता है, ऐसे सुश्रावक की प्रथम लेखमाला का शुभारम्भ भी इसी “faithbook” से हो रहा है। श्रमणी भगवन्तों के प्रति अहोभाव जगाने वाली यह लेखमाला सबके हृदय में सद्भाव की अभिवृद्धि करेगी …

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