Mahavir Pitamaha Bhishma of Mahabharata and Mahabhinishkramana

Maha ‘means giant’ and Bharat ‘means descendants of Bharata’. Due to the valor and fame of these Bharatvanshis, this Indian Empire became famous as Bharat. The Mahabharata means the history of great, superior, best Bharat or great descendants of Bharata, the story of their tradition. The ancient and great Kurukshetra of Kurus is the basis of the creation of this epic. This story has been composed on the subject of the fierce battle between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. This epic is the most popular saga of India. The epicenter of this poetry is the establishment of fundamental rights over the Kuru Empire and the context of the fierce war between the two main descendants of the Kurus, the Kauravas and the Pandavas, the step brothers, to attain the Kuru kingdom by proving that right.
This grand story begins with Gangeya, son of Shantanu-Ganga, i.e. Bhishma (Pitamah Bhishma). Come, let’s listen to this great story in his words only:
Bhishma …! Myself Bhishma …
I took responsibility of his three sons Dhritarashtra, Pandu and Vidur on my shoulders as soon as Vichitravirya was elevated from this world.

The sacraments of children should either be in the nine months of pregnancy or else eight years after birth are very important for infants. Newborns can be ordinated in the same way they can create raw and wet pots by giving them the desired shape.
The three brothers spent their lives in mutual love. Satyavati, Ambika, etc are also very happy with this. But what secrets the future is keeping in its lap, can anyone guess it? All the boys, the successors of this state were short-lived, but still it was necessary to make them aware of their responsibilities. So I asked my eldest nephew Dhritarashtra, “Son! What will you do to the throne of Hastinapur? Your thoughts are very important for this”. Dhritarashtra said,” Father! What do I need to consider while you are? You are Kulshreshtha, you know more, I am blind! What will I do for this state? Is my dear Pandu not worthy of this? My heart has great affection for him, respect and respect. My younger brother resides in the heart of the people of Hastinapur with his qualities of humility, valor and decency, so who can be more qualified as the heir to this throne? ”
Hearing this, I was convinced and crowned Pandu as the heir to the throne of Hastinapur. Even after attaining the state, Pandu did not decline even partially in respecting me and Dhritarashtra.

With affection, respect, respect and honor, the three brothers were expressing their lives with joy and happiness.
Dhritarashtra, who was standing at the gate of puberty, was married to eight daughters, such as Gandhari. The Gandhari, who had a very clever and ambitious brother named Shakuni, as if a clever fox in the form of a man.

With affection, respect and honor, the three brothers were living their lives with joy and happiness.
At the same time, Vidur was married with Kumudvati, the daughter of Devakaraja and Pandu with Kunti in a very happy mood. come ! Let me introduce you to Princess Kunti!
On the banks of the Kalindi river, the seventh Tirthankara Sri Suparshwanath, where there is immense glory, Yadu became the king in Mathura city. Yaduvansh became famous due to his greatness and fame. King Yadu’s son named Shur came out of his father as great knight.

Shur also had two grand sons named Shourie and Suvir. Shourie established the city of Shauryapur with his might, and after surrendering his throne to his son Andhakavrishni, he himself took initiation and attained salvation.
Andhakavrishni had ten sons who became famous by the name of Dasharana. The eldest of these brothers were Samudravijay (who was the father of the twenty-second Tirthankara Sri Naminath Lord) and 9th Vasudev (who was the father of Vaasudeva Shri Krishna). Subhadra, the queen of Andhakavrishni, also gave birth to a Kanyaratna after these ten sons. Whose birthday was more grand than the son-festival. Practicing the birthplaces of that girl, the astrologers said, “This stunning girl will become a great mother of India in the coming times and her sons will become the masters of the great empire.” Hearing this prophecy, the parents named their beloved daughter Kunti. But from childhood, seeing all of Kunti’s benevolent heart and listening to her mature and amicable things, everyone in the house started calling her Pritha (detailed). Kunti was married to Maharaj Pandu to witness a historical event, which Kunti herself would narrate in her epigraphy.
I am Bhishma …! Now my third generation movement was clearly visible in front of my eyes. But I had the same task, as someone would burn themselves like sandalwood and make others smell beautiful, in the same way I had to burn myself and make others happy. The five sons of Pandu are called Pandavas and 100 sons born of Dhritarashtra are called Kauravas. Taking instruction from Kripacharya and Dronacharya, the mutual love of these 105 princes was comforting not only me but the eyes and soul of the entire royal family. But if everyone’s worldly life is complete with happiness all the time, then how is that a worldly life !! In childhood, the children who eat the same apple one by one with mutual affection all around, they keep staring at each other even after they grow up.
I am Bhishma …! I am like the tallest and the biggest mountain of Mahabharata . A mountain under whose feet the waves and tides of the Kauravas and the Pandavas are full of affection, and yet I am standing firm. In spite of Kuruvansh’s only desire for welfare, slaps of inauspiciousness continue to be here.
This is life. Even if we Give it as many similes as Forest, Upavan, Madhuvan, Tapovan etc, still they are few. During the robes of Draupadi, many people including Draupadi were disturbed due to my silence. Whether or not that was my mistake, I could not decide till the end of my life. Sometimes it seems to me that I could not fulfill my obligation as ‘Pitamah’ at that time. The injustice done to Draupadi is an injustice to me.
Perhaps another such injustice has happened in my life and that is to be in favor of Duryodhana (Kauravas). Staying in favor of the evil Kauravas was actually like indirectly encouraging them. When Duryodhana categorically rejected Sri Krishna’s proposal to give five Pandavas as much as five villages, at the same time, Shri Krishna told me that,

“Being a Kurushreshtha, you could use your rights to stop the unrighteous Duryodhana, but you did not do that.” At that time, being upset, I was angry at Duryodhana and said to Shri Krishna that, “The end of these sinners is near now, otherwise they would not do such inferior action. It seems to me that due to these sinful sons, there will be complete destruction of Kuruvansh. But now I do not think that there will be any benefit from anger. What can a man do when time is strong? Let destiny do its work. Therefore, O Krishna! I make a request to you not to get angry and please do not interfere in the war of Kaurava-Pandavas. They may remember death while fighting among themselves, but do not become a victim of dishonor under the guise of anger! ” Although Shri Krishna accepted me partly, but above I supported Duryodhana’s side by saying this, it was probably not right for me. The advice I was given, I should have followed that advice myself. I too should have been fair till the end, not taking anyone’s side. Although my body was in favor of Kauravas, but my mind was in favor of Pandavas.
Therefore, on the first day of the war, when Yudhishthira humbled me on the battlefield and asked for his blessing, I bewildered and said to him, “O Son! My affection for you is equally deep today, but in the time of your exile, Duryodhana has forced us all by serving with devotion, it seems.
We have become obsessed with our truth, two righteous warriors like truth and justice are on your side, so you will not be defeated and will surely win. ”
For seven days in the 18-day war in Kurukshetra, I left no stone unturned to destroy the Pandavas’ army, but on the eighth day the Pandavas massacred the Kauravas. That’s why Duryodhana came to my camp that night and taunted me a lot. He said, “Grandfather! You have killed many warriors of your Pandavas in the war for so many days, but you have also taken full care of everyone of the five Pandavas not to cause damage to your arrows. Grandfather! Staying on our side, you are doing work for their side, what should I think about it? If you wish to hand over the kingdom of Hastinapur to the Pandavas, O Grandfather! Just kill all of us Kauravas. ”
I was very upset by these bitter attacks of Duryodhana. Crushing the compassion towards the Pandavas in my heart, I made a noise in the army of Pandavas for the ninth day. The Pandavas were calling on the trinity to see my form.
Seeing this extraordinary power, the Pandavas went to the camp of Shri Krishna that night and asked him, “We do not have a natural desire to kill Pitamah, but we are extremely helpless and powerless, so tell me a solution that Pitamah Be injured, but do not let their sad end be with our hands! ”

Sri Krishna said, “Pitamah does not raise arms on a handicapped, female, impotent, poor and fearful person, this is his vow.” Hence, on the very next day, the Pandavas put Shikhandi, the eunuch son of King Drupada, right in front of Arjuna’s chariot and from behind Arjuna started showering arrows at me. I did not take up my arms according to my affirmation. I had seen my destiny. I was proud of Arjun’s archery. His arrows were showering on me like innumerable streams of cloud, now it was not possible for me to stay on the battlefield for much longer. I fell down from the chariot injured. It was sunset at the same time.

And even my life was standing on its verge. Taking me to a halt, all Kauravas and Pandavas came and stood around me.
When I was in my youth Munichandrasuri maharaj saheb preached about Bhagavati Pravrajya, which made human life a complete success. Then he said to me, “When in the battle of Kurukshetra you will be embellished with innumerable arrows of Arjuna,

Then on the tenth day of the battle, you will definitely initiate ordination from my disciple Bhadraguptacharya and after observing the Sat Charitra for one year, you will go to Devaloka on the twelfth.
Just, according to the statement of this prophecy, I was taken close to the vice of Bhadragupta. I educated the Kauravas and the Pandavas. In particular, Duryodhana asked for a ceasefire with the Pandavas to make love. Yudhishthira spoke of healing wounds caused by the blows of arrows and healing of the running blood with drugs. But now I had to heal the wounds of my inner wounds. I took initiation and following the sanyam vow for twelve months with full devotion, renounced this body and went to 12th heaven.

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