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The best creation of the nature is the mother. Even God needs the love of the Mother. In his previous bhav, Shri Parshvanath Bhagwan also came from Devlok to see the face of Mother on the Earth. He was immensely happy seeing the face of the Mother from whose womb he was about to be born.


Who doesn’t long for mother’s love? A different feeling comes just by remembering the mother’s face, even if we don’t see her directly for days as we have spent nine months in the mother’s womb.


Oh my friend, we don’t remember those days at all, otherwise we would have known how did we spend those days. In all those 9 months what we did in our mother’s womb? Number of kicks and how much we troubled her? How much pain we gave her? And what did Mummy do? She tolerated it, that too with love.


And then one day, we were born. But we did not stop troubling our mother. Crying again and again, spoiling our clothes, keeping her awake all night, making her sing lullaby all night, and crying loudly if she stops the cradle even for a minute, etc, etc.


After growing up, our style of troubling her changed. We feel lazy to get up in the morning and kept telling her, please 2 minutes, please 2 minutes and we used to sleep on her lap. And when 2 minutes were not completed even after 10 minutes, she used to take us straight to the washroom and blow our sleep by pouring cold water on us.


By the time we took shower, our hot milk was ready. But if we did not like hot milk and we used to make our mother chase in all the rooms of our house and in the end, we drank milk by making a face.


Even after so much trouble, as if there is still much left, we used to have hundred tantrums for the food. If Mom would make okra (ladies finger) recipe, it would be as if there was festival and such happiness, and if she made Indian round gourd or apple gourd recipe, then our faces would become like as if we are settled down for a mourning. And on top of that our never ending demands from our mother. Like make bhel, dosa, wafer etc. for me. And if she  made all this and if we didn’t like any of it, we never even took a moment of hesitation to complain about the taste and her cooking skills too.


Requisition and Complaint – where both these things can be done easily, there is only one address, that is – mother.


Shall I share a secret?


In normal days we find mother’s cooked food boring, but when we have to stay out of station for a few days in a hostel or for a job, then we realise the magic taste of our mother’s cooked food and that how tasty she used to make that chivda or no one can cook that daal better than my mother.


And if we talk about school time, then…


If there was no mother, studying would have been so difficult. Who completed all our homework by staying up all night! From compass box to tiffin box, who kept it all ready! We did not even know how to tie a tie or string of shoes, but she did that for us too..


At that time, in school, we used to lick our fingers and relished the tasty food packed by our mothers in our tiffins and not only just that, we flaunted her tasty idlis and what not and shared with our friends too.


When we returned home from school, it wouldn’t matter to her that how sweaty we were she would still shower her love on us by hugging us tightly and kissing us on our forehead. And even if she forgot to ask that, ”How did you study today?”, one question never skipped her mind that, “Did you finish your tiffin? Was you stomach full.”


She then, in no time, cooked super hot rotis and food for us while we narrated all we did at school that day, which by the way, were never that important stories and yet she listened all our stupid stories so intently and not only did she just listen but she used to respond on them too. And in the middle of these stories if her roti got a little overcooked then she would slightly slap her own forehead and say, “now see what you did ! Your roti is all burnt!”


When we step into the teen age, our mother is our best friend too. Even though she seems to be giving us advice at times, she would suggest repeatedly, ‘Do this – Do that’ which we don’t like at all, we feel a bit disturbed by her words.


When we enter our college life, other friends make way in our lives too and then gradually our attachment with our mothers fade away. We would spend hours & hours chatting & calling our friends but we would not spare a minute for our mothers.


And then a day comes in our life when we feel distant from our friends too. When life happens to us, when we have faced a lot of hurt, resentment & disappointments in life then she would quietly sit beside us and lovingly she would caress our hair and wave her hand on our forehead. Oh ! Such magic she has in that soft touch that she takes away all our worries.


“My dear Son ! It will be alright!” she would say, there was a huge motivation hidden in just these few words. Even if we never asked for her forgiveness in our Ego, she would forgive us without even asking for it. Her ATM (All Time Maafi) would always be open for us.


There is no such tag as “Conditions Apply” in a mother’s love ! Her love is absolutely unconditional. Even if she scolds us sometimes for our own better, later after sometime, she silently cries to herself.


A mother’s heart will always keep blessing,


A mother is the one who will always keep you caressing..


All your mistakes she will cover,


In her anger for you she cries but her love will still & forever hover…


Ah ! We can talk endlessly for mother… We have so many Chweet Chweet memories of our mother in our heart.

But, can i say one emotional thing…


He who is not fortunate enough to receive a mother’s love, knows the true value of a mother. Where ‘Ramu’ picks up the place of Mummy in the morning, where the ready-made tiffin is to be eaten, the homework of the school is to be done on your own, where on returning from school you cannot throw tantrums or quarrel with your mother, there a true value of a mother’s love is realised.


Once Steve Jobs, who is famously known as a CEO of Apple, found out that he has been living with his foster parents since all his life & that someone else gave him birth. His real mother had found about her pregnancy before marriage & fearing an unacceptance from society, she decided to give away Steve to an orphanage.  Then a couple adopted him from there, and raised him.


As soon as Steve Jobs became aware of this, he started searching for his Real Mom. Years later he found out that her mother’s name is Joel and she lives in Los Angeles, so he immediately ran to meet her.


For the first time in life, he became very emotional on seeing his mother’s face, and just like a baby, he started crying resting his head on his mother’s lap. His mother started apologizing to him and wept and said, “What kind of a mother I am, that I gave birth to you and left immediately.” Steve consoled his mother saying, “Mother! You do not need to apologize, the situation was such that what could you do. I have come to say thank you for bringing me into this beautiful world and that you did not get the abortion done and gave me a chance to see this beautiful creation. Its because of you that I have such a lovely life.”


Waiter, Salon barber or Driver help us a little bit, even then we say thank you to them. We say thank you to the short time helpers. It hurts our tongue to say Thank you to Mom who helps life time and anytime?


She not only gave us birth, but she also took care of us for 24 × 7. Every mother needs & deserves to hear this today, ‘Thank you for giving me life.’


Do you know that when Devananda Mata was meditating in the memory of Lord Veer, when she saw the Lord, wave of emotions started to rise in her heart, a stream of love started flowing from her heart. Seeing such a scene of love, Gautamswami asked Lord Veer, “O Lord! Why does this woman have so much love for you? ”


Lord Veer answered, “Goyam! This is my mother, I was in her womb for 82 days. ”


Mere 82 days has brought so much of love inside a mother for My Lord !! And God also loves mother so much !!


(Remember, that God is without anger, not love.)


Even though today is Mother’s day, but for us, Everyday is Mother’s day. Mother loves us every day, so will we love her only for one day?


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Question: Out of all the Love Songs in the world What is 1 love song?

Answer: Mother’s lullaby.

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