Moon of Jinshasan


We are all on a marvellous journey to become Arihants. An arihant is a soul who has conquered inner passions such as attachment, anger, pride & greed. Also known as omniscient beings as they possess pure infinite knowledge. Our sixth stage is Upadhayay Pad (Position).


Upadhyay Bhagwant means such an intelligent sage who understand an extracts of the great holy books very well. They continuously & constantly keep studying Agamas (holy books) and & encourage others to do the same.


Upadhyay Bhagwant is that talented sage who possesses all the capability to become Acharya and yet he did not take that position but have an emotion of complete dedication towards Acharya. By witnessing his complete modesty & meekness towards Acharya, all the saints get influenced. They feel even after being such a big influencer if Upadhyay bhagwant is so dedicated towards Acharya bhagwant then we should definitely show excellent modesty towards Acharya bhagwant.


In life who so ever teaches us even one word, educates us, teaches us how to write or learn, guides us in the forward direction even a slightest bit, that person becomes Upadhyay for us.


We meet some people in life who completely destroys us & we meet some people in life who completely fill our lives with bliss. Our mind keep remembering such people who destroyed us or gave us pain but we always want to remember people who more or less improve our lives.


Do we remember such people?


We all have come across such people in our lives who harm us & who wish our best, and we will continue to meet both kinds of people in our entire lifetime. The question is who do we give importance in our minds and who do we remember most in our memories – harm doers or well wishers.


If we constantly keep thinking or remembering such people who have hurt us or tried to harm us, our mind and heart will again & again be filled with griefs and negativity. That person has already disturbed our life, now why do we allow them to disturb our mind too? Our past got ruined because of someone’s misdeeds but why are we ruining our present by dwelling on the misdeeds of that person? Wise people make use of their wisdom & intelligence to deal with such emotions. Whatever the other person is doing with you, it is their deeds and their business, you have no control over it. But how much to keep thinking on their actions is absolutely in your control. A great personality becomes great only because of his thoughts.


If you want to worship or have a desire to reach to Upadhyay position, then always remember affirmative themes or positive outlooks.


Often it comes to our notice, that with a particular relationship, we had some great moments & also some bitter moments. It is quite possible that once that person was our best friend & now there is no contact or very less contact or often argumentative conversations with that same person. We must always keep in mind that even relationships have an expiry date. If we have one such relationship in our lives then what do we often tend to remember about that person? All the good times with him/her or all the misdeeds of that person against us?


If you want to become a good & positive person then start with remembering all the good things that have or are still happening in your life. First think good, then do good and then make your life good with all the good karmas.


How sinful, we were, or still are and yet God always accepts us & showers an unconditional love upon us considering our good deeds & forgetting our mistakes. Then why can’t we accept people who have misconducted themselves forgetting about their misdeeds. Our own people are never going to be alien to us even if we are never going to accept them. Lord accepts people even who are not his own. Its only right that we accept atleast our very own people forgetting their mistakes.


Singing the melodious songs of Upadhyay position, come let’s reminisce those rare people who possess Upadhyay position in our lives from the start of our childhood, from teachers to everyone back at home, whoever have helped us become the better versions of ourselves.


Upadhyay Pad (Position)



(Sawan ka Mahina)


Jinshasan nabh mein aap ho chandra samaan,

Pathar par bhi phool ugana aap hi ki hai pehchaan.


Gyaan samudra mein magan rehte, humko bhi tatva safar karate,

Padhe, padhaye, likhe, likhaye aap ka hi hai yeh kaam……Pathar 1


Jinshasan ke atal rahasyon, aap ki pragya paar karaye,

Aap bina aagam ka, adhoora saara gyaan……Pathar 2


Gyaanpatri ki kunji tum ho, jinshasan ki punji tum ho,

Hume prabhu banana, dharte tumhara dhyan…….Pathar 3

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शास्त्रबोध, संवेदनशीलता और शीघ्र-कवित्व का व्यक्तित्व धारण करने वाले मुनिवर ने, भगवान बनने का राजमार्ग, अर्थात् वीसस्थानक पर नूतन काव्यों की रचना की और साथ उनकी ऐसी विवेचना की जो युवा हृदय को छू सके।

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