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We all have known the saying “Old is Gold.” Many things derived in ancient times have been having a huge impact over the society even today. There are various historical scenes and epics which even today seem to be extremely useful. “Mahabharata” is one such Sanskrutik (cultural) and Dharmik (religious) epic which has always been given the prime importance. Because of the devotional and philosophical matters that every personality has played in Mahabharata, they are still remembered by everyone. We shall talk about some of these personalities in this article. Just like different situations spread different vibrations; similarly, some personalities in Mahabharata will give you an inspirational vibration and some shall give a demotivating one. Every story has a personal favorite character. Let’s see which one is yours by the end of the article.


Atha Shree Mahabharata Katha


Bhishma was considered to be a great warrior in the Kuru Clan. Earlier he was known as Gangeya. Here’s what he has to say to every one of us:


“Our kingdom was prosperous in the time of Shree Neminatha Bhagwan. He was not just a part of our family; but he was our family.  I say this because, he was the one who changed our lives. Let me tell you how it all happened.


**The battle of “Mahabharata” was held in his presence. **


While my mother, Ganga was pretty religious; and my father, Shantanu was quite disciplined, it’s obvious to have some flaws in life. In fact, it was not just a flaw but a very big addiction. He always used to be ready with his bow and arrow for hunting the animals very ruthlessly which created difficulties for other people residing in the area. This played as one of the biggest reasons for my mother to move away to a forest wherein she enjoyed her life religiously. After a long time, as my father missed my mother, he pleaded her to get back to the palace in Hastinapur. While my mother agreed to return back, she asked for a promise from my father. And as my father promised her to never hunt the animals for the lifetime, they together returned back to the palace.


For a couple of months, it was all good. But then, how easy do you think it was for my father to leave hunting? It was an addiction not just a hobby for him. As my father loses his control over the addiction, I remember the phrase by Umaswati Maharaj in Prashamrati Epic –


“Vyaspati Hitaditi Vyasanama”


The translation to this says that if you go against your own self-interests, it is an addiction. The process of your habit turning into an addiction is very slow and damageable which in turn can prove harmful for your own self. According to the current scenario, Corona Virus is the output of one such addiction which is consumption of mammals, and birds. For the scarcity of animals and for the nature care, “Stop Non-Veg” has been the slogan. Nothing could stop the people from eating these pitiful birds and mammals but Corona Virus changed the story. It’s believed that if you don’t listen to anyone, nature has it’s own way to make you realize your mistake. Why eat non-veg when there’s so much else to eat? Do elephant, hippopotamus, buffalos, bulls consume any other animal? These animals themselves gain energies from the vegetation around in the area they reside.


None of the addictions have so far proved to be harmless. From cigarettes to hunting, from whisky to prostitution; everything has always put one or the other in a trouble. Gambling, hunting, alcohol, non-veg, prostitution, robbery and indulgence in other women are the major seven addictions. As it is said, one single problem can create many. Similarly, you will know how a single addiction can also prove to be harmful to a person when you step-in the house of the one who is addicted to something. As we know, gambling has been considered to be the basis behind the Mahabharata and the same is being continued in the present day. Playing in the share market is also one of the gambling. Once addicted you cannot take a step back and I believe everyone here knows this.


Even in Mahabharata, Yudhishthira lost all his wealth and the entire kingdom because of gambling. On the other hand, Yudhishthiras’ great grandfather and my father Shantanu kept on hunting which forced my mother step-out of the palace again.  By then, my mother had given a birth to me. Since she was pretty religious, my upbringing was done by her in such a manner where she used to call Charan muni for preaching and I learnt from it. While I was a kid, my mother Ganga made me learn Vedas and religious scriptures by various sages. In the process of learning these scriptures, I also learnt about non-violence and being truthful to everyone. These two were the ones which stayed in my sub-conscious mind for a lifetime. I believe that childhood is the best time for inculcating the good habits in the kids. My personal experience says that being in touch with the sages and listening to their teachings will always help to improve life in any stage of life.


Once again, while my father pleaded my mother to return back to Hastinapur; my mother strictly refused to agree on his request as she wanted to spend her life religiously. However, she asked me to spend time with my father for some days.


Although, I was sad to leave my mother, I was equally joyous to be at Hastinapur with my father. Weaponism was one such arts I began to excel with the others I learnt while being with my father. Just like I was devoted to my mother from my childhood to teen; I also got a chance to be devoted to my father in my adulthood.


This was the time when I came across the biggest “Change of life” which changed me from Gangeya to Bhishma. My father had turned out to be weak. On enquiring, I got to know that my father had caught a sight of a pretty daughter of a fisherman. My father requested the fisherman if he could marry his daughter. While the fisherman straight away denied his request, my father just walked away without even asking him a question. Because, kings used to have welfarist approach towards citizens in those days. However, a rejection started making him weaker day by day.


I straight away tried to get in touch with the fisherman to freed my father from his dilemma. I personally proposed the fisherman for my father but he was quite intelligent to understand the entire kingdom. He put forth a smart statement to me, “I don’t mind if my daughter marries Shantanu but you are the eldest son to have the right to the throne. My daughter would not get anything out of this.” As soon as these words of fisherman hit my ear, I promised him to give up on all the rights I had over the kingdom rules. I will not be the king of the kingdom if you get your daughter married to my son.


I did this because my mother and father meant the whole universe to me for who I could give up everything. The fisherman smirked on my promise and still refused the proposal. When I again asked him, he replied, “If Satyavati marries Shantanu, her kids will not be able to get hold of anything when your kids get older.” On hearing this, I calmly promised him to never marry for a lifetime and become a saint which completely vanishes all the possibility of me getting the right to throne and me having kids. Listening to these commitments from my side, the fisherman had a huge smile on his face and agreed for the marriage of Satyavati and my father. At this very moment, God showered blessings over me with the flower petals by chanting “Bhishma-Bhishma”. This is exactly how my name changed from Gangeya to Bhishma.


If a human-being is truthful in all the scenarios of life, God himself decides to help them with all his heart. There are quite rare sons in the entire country who can sacrifice everything for their parents without any complaints.


I just have one single message to spread – If Shree Ram can stay on his fathers’ promises of leaving Ayoydhya and exile for 14 years; if I can leave gambling and a ladys’ love in my life for my fathers’ happiness, why can’t you? All they ask for is the smallest of things for us. Be it time, status, money or any other thing; if we need to leave something for our parents, it’s definitely not a sacrifice.


Just remember one thing in your entire lifetime, nothing can be more important than your mother-father. The happiness you receive with the blessings of your parents cannot be described. Although you forget many things in life, don’t forget your parents. And the life of parents also describes one thing, get rid from all the addictions you have.

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