It is said that one should pray once before migration, twice before war and thrice before marriage.


Prayers before the migration reveal auspicious vibes that helps completing the migration without any difficulty. Generally, there is less risk involved in migration, so even a one-time prayer can help.


The danger in war is high, so one should pray twice, for safety and success. The war usually ends within a few days.


Marriage is even more dangerous, it goes for the lifetime, so pray three times before marriage so that you can live life peacefully as a husband, peacefully as a father and at the end peacefully as a grandfather.


Praying three times will make your wife behave respectfully and live peacefully with her mother-in-law, father-in-law, elder and younger brother-in-law.


Mokshayatra is simple; but it is difficult to fight and overcome the defects of the mind.


It is not easy to control anger. For this, war has to be done in the Kurukshetra of the mind.


Peace lover Sita was kidnapped by Controversial Raavan, because of which war between Ram and Raavan was necessary.


But controlling the desires that arouse in one’s mind is even more difficult.


The person who succeeds in achieving victory over desires, controls the desires can easily complete a mokshayatra by winning the war against the faults.

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जैसे जिद पर उतरा बालक कुछ भी खाने को तैयार नहीं होता, किन्तु माता उसे खेल में, हंसी में बहला कर खाना खिलाकर ही दम लेती है। इसी प्रकार मिथ्यात्व की जिद पर चढ़े जीव के मन-मस्तिष्क में प्रभु-वचनों को उतारने की जिनकी अद्भुत विशेषता है, उपरान्त जो प्रभावक प्रवचनकार, कवि एवं अनेक पुस्तकों के सृजक हैं, ऐसे आचार्य भगवन्त द्वारा शॉर्ट, स्वीट और स्माइलिंग लेखमाला वाचकों को प्रिय बनेगी, ऐसा अन्तर्मन से विश्वास है।

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