Story Of Mrigaputra

Story Of Mrigaputra

It was a moonless night of the month ‘karti and third ‘aara’ was about to end. When the Lord took a break from the more than 16 prahar (1 prahar = 3 hours) long sermon, it was as if the flow of Ganga stopped, or as if the bells stopped ringing from the temple.


The last sermon of the Lord was completed. The Lord got up from the throne of gem, stepped down three stages of ‘Samavasaran’ and entered into the school of King Hastipal. Lord knew it very well that he will be achieving the salvation before the end of the night. He was also aware about Gautam’s infinite love towards him and that love is the only impediment in the way of his salvation. To break that chain of love, the Lord decided to send him to nearby village. Actually he decided to send Gautam away from him at his last moments.


Arrival of the Lord in the school of King Hastipal : Thousands of monks were present in front of the Lord there. Gautam swami was sitting in the first row. Lord, the ocean of compassion, looked at Gautam swami and said, “Gautam ! ”


That was the last address from the Lord for Gautam swami. Actually those were not just words but actually buzzing of cuckoo. It was like pleasant music of the tides of the ocean. Hearing his name from the Lord made Gautam swami cheerful.


Humble Gautam swami was very excited. He folded his hands and reached to the Lord’s feet. Spoke very softly, “Oh God, kindly order”.


The Lord replied, ” A brahmin named Devsharma lives in a nearby village, he will be enlightened from you. You have to go there for his betterment. ”


Gautam swami left to advice Devsharma :

“Surely, your honour. You have been benevolent to me, I am blessed! ” replied Gautam swami and left the school.The master of 4 Gyan (knowledge), Gautam Swami, forgot that this is his last sight of the Lord. He won’t be able to see such a bright and liberal body of the Lord. Basically Gautam Swami can’t see anything more than following the order of the Lord. 80 years old  Gautam Swami left the town Apapapuri towards Devsharma with an energy like a man of 28, just to follow the words of the Lord.


3rd prahar of a moonless night was completed and 4th prahar began. At that time, ‘Swati’ nakshatra (constellation) had a moon in it. The Lord Mahavir had a ‘Chovihar chhath’ (2 upvas without even water) which was his last ‘Tap’ (religious austerity). He had just completed his 16 prahar (48 hours) long sermon but due to ‘Tirthankar naam Karma,’ not a single sign of regret or faintness could be observed from his face. His body was as healthy as sunflower. He was glad and placid. Very few moments were remaining to complete his life. Thousands of monks along with Sudharma swami, vestals like Chandana, 9 Lichhavi kings of Kashi & Kaushal, 9 Mallik kings, in all kings of 18 republics and many Shravakas-Shravikas were present in front of the Lord. Those 18 kings were feudal Lords of King Chetak (Cheda). All were in Paushadh and did a fast on that No moon day.


Rebeginning of Sermon of the Lord :

The flow of the speech of the Lord, which was stopped in Samavasaran, again started flowing. An important topic of that sermon was ‘Vipak’ (Result). It actually means consequence of good-bad deeds. It means an aftereffect of saintly or evil deeds. When a soul does a sin, gets sorrow in return and when a soul performs a saintly deed, gets pleasure. Or when you get compatibility by any doings, it’s due to sacraments and when you get unfavorable circumstances by any doing, it’s definitely the result of a sin.


Paap Vipak Adhyayan (Sin result study) :

It’s always to be focussed that consequences of any deed have to be faced by everyone in this life or in any of the next. Scholars have always said that


‘Kadaan kammaan na mokhha athhi’


Without facing the consequences of the deeds, emancipation of the soul is impossible.


Basically everyone loves pleasure and nobody likes the sorrow. One who doesn’t want sorrows should not indulge into sins. That’s why one should give up evils like injustice, torture, prostitution, exploitation of the citizens, corruption, violence towards panchendriya (animals), alcholism, astringency, selfishness, indulgence in enjoyment, Yajna (sacrifice), non vegitarianism, ruthlessness, theft, eroticism, etc. One who indulges into such miserable deeds prepares fierce sins. It leads to the birth in the hell or in miserable conditions and have to tolerate the sorrows. Here the case of Mrugaputra is famous. Saying that, the Lord began the formatting of the 55 studies of the ‘Paap Vipak’ (Sin result).




The Lord started explaining the case of Mrugaputra.


There was a town called Mrugagram in the Bharata kshetra of this Jambudweep. It was ruled by a Kshatriya king Vijay. Mruga was his beautiful wife. She gave birth to a son, who was named as Mrugaputra. Due to the sins in the previous births, Mrugaputra was blind, dumb, deaf, handicapped and having a disgusting shape. Not a single part of his body was proper. The body didn’t have hands, legs, ears, nose and eyes. There was just a sign of those parts. Blood and pus used to flow continuously from his eyes, ears, nose and arteries of the heart. Also he was suffering from Vayurog. He was taken to an unknown place by his mother and was taken care of.


A person, who was blind by birth, used to live in the same town and the one who can see was assisting him. This blind person was very dirty and used to stink a lot. Flies used to buzz around him. He used to beg for his livelihood.


Once I came to this town. ‘Samavasaran’ was established outside the town. King Vijay left with his huge family to listen the sermon. Due to lot of movement around the blind person asked his assistant, “May be there is a festivity in the town, otherwise there won’t be such hustle and bustle around. An assistant replied, ” Yes, Lord Mahavir has come to the town and everyone is visiting him for the salutation. Listening to this he said, “Let’s go, we too shall have the same. ”


Both reached Samavasaran, completed 3 Pradakshinas (walking in circle around the Lord) and bowed down. Everyone listened to the sermon and went back.



Looking a blind person in the Samavasaran, Gautam asked me, “Oh Lord, can a person be blind from the birth? ”

I replied, “Yes Gautam, such people do exist and there is one in this town too. Son of King Vijay and Queen Mrugadevi is blind by birth. And not a single part of his body is proportionate. Queen Mrugadevi is secretly taking care of him.”


Listening this, Gautam left to look for Mrugaputra. Mrugadevi was very happy looking at first Ganadhar, Gautam swami, at her door. She folded her hands and asked the motive behind his arrival.

Gautam replied, “Lady, I am here to see your son.

Mrugadevi brought all his 4 sons born after Mrugaputra and said, “Swami, these are my 4 sons.”


Gautam said, “No, I am here to see the elder one, who is blind by birth and who has been hidden by you underground.”

Surprised Mrugadevi asked, “Prabhu, how do you know this secret? ” Gautam replied that his preceptor Lord Mahavir told him about this.


It was a time of meal for Mrugaputra when this conversation was on. That’s why Mrugadevi asked Gautam swami to wait.


Queen went to change her dress and entered the kitchen. From there, she collected huge plenty food in a carriage, brought it towards Gautam swami and asked him to accompany.


Both entered the basement. She covered her face and asked Gautam swami to do the same. Gautam swami covered the face with muhpatti. Mrugadevi turned her face backside and opened the door of the room. It started stinking badly immediately after opening the door. How bad it was? It was like a smell of dead carcasses of cow, Buffalo, mouse, cat, which may have so many insects in it and very miserable to watch.


The queen fed his son. Mrugaputra was suffering from Bulimia since birth. That’s why food was digested immediately and got converted into blood as well. And immediately after that he puked everything with blood. He didn’t stop at that and started licking that vomit.


Looking at that scenario, Gautam swami thought, “Oh, how bad this soul is suffering from his sins of past births. I neither have seen the hell nor have experienced it but definitely the sufferings of Mrugaputra remind me about the suffering of the hell.


Soon, Gautam took a leave from Mrugadevi and came back to me. He bowed down and asked, “Oh Lord, what kind of evils of the past birth of that boy are resulting into such sufferings ? ”


I told him about the past birth of Mrugaputra.



There was a prosperous city called Shatdwar in the Bharatkshetra of this Jambudweep. A king named Dhanapati ruled there. Close to this city was a city called Vijayavardhamana, where Rathore (representative appointed by the king) ruled as Ikkai. There were five hundred villages under him. He was very unrighteous, and felt pleasure in committing sin. He did these types of Papacharanas(sins) :



  • Excessive taxation of 500 villages under him.
  • Farmers to get double grain by paying less money.
  • Accumulation of money by paying bribe or taking more interest.
  • To blame people for violence etc.
  • To give high status to unqualified person by taking money.
  • To tolerate thieves by not punishing them.
  • Burning village to village

Distress rather than assisting passersby on the go.

  • Turn people away from religion.
  • Harass rich and make them poor.
  • Turn away from promises given to the big people.
  • Considering that it is his duty to make people suffer.
  • Continuous consumption of illusion, falsehood

Ikai was spending his life, blaming his soul by committing many such sins. One day sixteen maharogas (severe diseases) were born in his body together, which were as follows:

  1. Breathing 2. Cough 3. Fever 4. Dah
  2. malabsorption 6. vaginal 7. wart 8. indigestion
  3. Visual 10. Mastectomy 11. Anorexia 12. Pain of the eye
  4. Ear pain 14. Itching 15. ascites 16. Leprosy


These sixteen diseases were terrible, incurable and equivalent to death. These diseases were not being tolerated by him. He called the servants and asked them to call such vaidyas (doctors) who can cure my diseases. Even if sixteen diseases cannot be removed, let’s get rid of one disease and make such a declaration that the person who will remove any disease will get a lot of money.

On the orders of the king, the servants announced. Hearing that many Vaidyas and Vaidyaputras came to cure, a variety of medicines were given. Many types of medical work were done. But not a single one of the sixteen diseases had calmed down, eventually everyone went exhausted.

Ikai Raja, suffering from physical anguish, made a great rant on his kingdom and he died one day. Completing the age of two hundred and fifty years, he went to the first hell called Ratnaprabha, and after suffering a lot of pain there, he completed his Ayushya and became the son of Mrugadevi.

Ever since this child was in the mother’s womb, many anguish also arose in the mother’s body. Not only this, she also became unpleasant to King Vijay. For these reasons the queen decided about miscarriage. They made many efforts for this, but he survived due to the strong age of children.

The child was born, he was very ugly, so Mriga ordered Ghai to throw the child in the garbage. But smart Ghai told the king. The king himself came to the queen and said, “Devnupriya! This is your first pregnancy. If it is thrown in the garbage, then future subjects and descendants also will not remain stable. ” So the queen obeyed the king and started raising the child secretly.

Gautam! The bitter bites of deeds tied up in the former birth are being enjoyed by Mrugaputra in this house.

After knowing the past and present of Mrigaputra, Gautam Swami got curious to know the future of Mrigaputra, so he asked modestly.


“Lord ! Where will Mrigaputra originate after receiving death from here? ”

Gautam! Mrigaputra will live in this house for 24 years, after completing Ayushya, he will be born as a lion in the foothills of Vaithadhyagiri in the region of Bharatpur. By committing a lot of sin in the lion’s house, he will commit gross inauspicious deeds. After dying from there, suffering in the first hell till a sagaropam will be born in the cunt of a reptile (animal walking on the arm and chest). There will also earn papakarma by committing violence.


After completing the period from there, after suffering the suffering of three sagaropam in the second hell, the bird will be born in the vulva. Here too, by tying many deeds, in the third hell you will suffer seven sagaropam. Will take birth in the lion’s house from there. By killing many creatures as a Leo, its inauspicious deeds will lead it to the fourth hell.


After suffering extreme and terrible sorrow of hell, will be born as serpent. From there too many sins will lead it to go to the fifth hell.

After suffering many sagaropam, this mrigaputra will be born as a woman. From that life, will go to the sixth hell by tying up karmic karma by various types of subjects.

After suffering from unbearable areas there will be a human being. From there too, sin will  take it in the seventh hell. Even after suffering the terrible miseries of the seventh hell, he will not get rid of it. Will become Aquatic Panchendriya ‘Tiryanch’. There it will get birth and death millions in each of the twelve and a half million total categories.

Similarly, in the form of Uraparisarp and Bhujparisarp, in the Chatrapad animals, in Khechar, in the Chaurindriya, the Teendriya, the Beendriya will also make millions.

Similarly, in eccentricity, vegetative, airborne, teukay, apkaya and prithvakaya will also receive death in every yoni and in each kulakotti by taking birth millions of times.


In this way, the soul of Mrigaputra after traveling for a long time, due to slow down of his evil deeds, will arise as an ox in a city called Supratisthapur. At the beginning of the rain, when he is digging the soil on the banks of the Ganges river, he will fall there and die. Will die and be born as a son in the house of the superior of this city.


It would be coincidental with Panchamahavratdhari Guru Bhagwant in his youth. He will adopt character after listening to his face. By following the Shramana life for a long time, after criticizing the trespasses at the end, after attaining a period of righteousness, he will be born in the first heaven called Saudharma.


Having died from there, in the Mahavideh region, will be born in the house of the superior ‘Shrimant’. There will be salvation by performing deeds, consuming character and finally decaying all actions.

After listening to the present-day misery of Mrigaputra, sins of the past and hearing of future degradation, the sinful persecution of Apapapuri sitting in the court of King Hastipal became more fierce.

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