Jinshasan was established 2576 years ago by Tirthankar Shri Bhagwan Mahavir.


After so many years in the flow of time, we have attained the very rich and advanced life as a result of our good deeds in the Jinshasan.


We have not found this Jinshasan unstable or inestimable…and neither disgusted or blazingly have we found it on the deathbed.



In this Jinshasan established by the Supreme God, the vision of many creatures searching for negative subjects has been narrowed in such a way that they see only and only defects in the administration.


Such as; There is no unity among us …We also do festive counter productions separately…there is so much distinction in our course of action too…There is no uniformity in the meaning of scriptures…There is a great diversity in tradition / communion …Etc..Etc…


Okay ! Let’s also assume that all these things are true … so what?

Will we always condemn Jinshasan? In the current situation, will the Jinshasan emerge or improve from commenting on what is going wrong in the Jinshasan?


The public who have not received an amazing shasan should understand this very well that if you express the problems of the house in front of others, then there will be no solution to it, but by doing this, the respect of one’s own household goes down to everyone.


In the same way, how can such a person, who loves the shasan more than his family, discuss the negative things about the it?


Other thing:

You see corruption in Shasan …so which such grace is seen in other religions? Actually it can be as much as a mustard seed in comparison to other religions but you find it as huge as a Mountain.


Which religion has no debate in the world?

(This applies to the institution, society and household as well as religion… This problem is common everywhere.)


Whatever you come across to, you see it as Negativities of Jainism. And till now, whichever religion has never come across your attention that has gained more value than Jinshasan. This makes me doubt only on your equivalence.


• There are many types of branches among Muslims like Shia, Sunni, Vahora, Deoband etc.

• In Vedic religion too, there are many communities like Swami Narayan, Vaishnavism, Shaiva, Pranami, Nath etc.

• In Christianity too, there are many clans like Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox etc.


These are just some examples in order to bring this into your notice…If you observe with this kind of precision, it will clearly come to your notice that everywhere in various clans, communities and branches have their own ideology, logic, principles, ethics, elements etc. because of which there are differences. It is not only in Jainism.


And yes…there are many types in social systems too…like; Oswal, Porwal, Srimal, Palliwal, Khandelwal, Kachchi, Marwadi, Dasa, Visa, Halari, Ghoghari etc.

So do you believe that these clans..communities..traditions..the society should be one?


And even we all become one, do you want everything to reach its objective in a systematic way?

Bringing everyone on one platform by organizing an event will lead to unity, such is your ideology?

If you are requesting for all these things… then listen carefully…! You are living in a myth…!

Because your views … beliefs … ideology is wrong.


Is there anyone who will completely forget their religion and accept someone else’s religion completely? And then everyone will come together and establish a principle unanimously…, it is impossible to happen?


 Will Idol worshippers put a band on their mouth…the locals will go to Dehrasar…will they donn on digambar clothes…such fantasies are like Sheikhchilli’s dreams.


Firka, gachcha, traditions have versatile types and it should be just one (should stay only one law), what else it could be other than an act of foolishness to imagine this?


Since Lord Adinath had 84 Ganadhars and 84 Ganas i.e Lord Adinath had 84 traditions during his life time.

In the same way, Lord Mahavira had 11 Ganadhars and there were 9 Gan-Gachhas i.e. Lord Mahavira actually had 9 traditions.


So hey fortunate one!

Understand this truth that if there is a difference in color of the cows, there should be no doubt in it because even though there are cows of different colors, all of them have white milk.


The formula of unity does not lie in its word ‘unity’ but in its meaning.

Trying to collect all and making them into one is not going to get anything.


Unity means

Accepting diversity…is unity…

Harmony in diversity…is unity…

Coordination of diversity…is unity…

 For example, having a variety of colors in place in the artwork of the painting makes the picture beautiful…

 For example, the garden itself looks delightful with flowers of different species …

 For example, food only tastes better with different spices…

 Just like in music, we rise from the confluence of seven notes …


Just like that, the diverse tradition of Jinshasan learn to communicate and coordinate effectively. Similarly, the worship of diverse traditions of Jinshasan will enhance the beauty of Jinshasan. Just by gathering everyone to show up on one stage… gathering is not going to achieve anything great.


I am not opposed to unity of any kind but I am opposed to the piggery of unity.

Unity is not a mixture of any kind but it is a friendship.

One should not debate about who is right or who is wrong.


Everyone should raise their voice together on such serious topics as the interest of saints and religious people, religious devotion, pilgrimage, secularism, protection of ethics and tradition.

Such unity will definitely lead to good of Jinshasan.


In harmony accepting the diversity of Jinshasan that we currently have, “We all are one.” this spirit will protect and save dharma in this KalYugh.


Now in the following article we will understand the explanation of “Unity” in detail.


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Ramesh: Muslims do not come if temples are built.

Hindus do not come if mosques are built.

Hindu-Muslims do not come if dehrasars are made.

Jains do not come if gurudwaras are built.

So what should be made that people of all religions can come?


Mahesh: Build Toilet…!


Hello friends !

We are talking about 20 steps to be an Arihant. You probably know what Arihant is called. Otherwise, let me tell, those who have defeated all their enemies, they are called Arihants.


If the enemies are outside, then they do not bother us as much as the internal enemies do. Those who wage a war with these inner enemies and defeat them, are called Arihant.


Think, when our situation should be such that when there is no attachment towards any thing or person in our mind. There is neither malice, nor envy in our mind… neither anger is created, nor attachment… nor fascination, nor illusion and only enjoyment, immense limitless bliss!


Then the state between happiness and sorrow within us is the true and ultimate truth of life. It becomes our ultimate duty to find the same.


The fourth stage to make Arihant out of this is- Acharya post. If you give a very brief explanation of Acharya, then it will be like ‘those who follow and make others follow the Panchachar” i.e. Acharya Bhagwant is engaged in Panchachar observance and adds others too.


If we look at it from the perspective of our life, then there is someone in life who is an elder, who can be our parents or our guru. The person who always stops us, keeps on interrupting, such a person is in the place of Acharya in our life.


But we have to talk about whether we like to have such a place in our life today. When he gives us any advice and guidance, what do we like or do? Do we like listening?


A short story:


Two youths were passing through the path, suddenly it started raining, both of them stood under the same shed. Shed was of steel, it was raining heavily, and the splash was barking like a needle in big ears. One of the two youths was frustrated and shouted with his hands on his ears – “Hey! How much does this splash sound ”


The second young man smiled and said –
“Yes, the thing is right, the noise is there. But do you know? This splash is also protecting us from the troubles of rain. ”
The story ends here. You must have understood, yet we can tell that your parents are the one who makes that sound, and keep in mind that only when the rains are heavy, the splash will also be noisy.


When the chances of difficulties in your life increase only then
Come and listen to the Acharyapada song …….


(तर्ज: छेलाजी र म्हारे हाटु पाटणथी )


हो आचारजजी! हमें तुम्हारे चरणों में विराजना
अंग-अंग आचारप्रेम जगाना…
यह वैभव है भारी विषम, यहां कर्मचोर की हार;
लूटे जो गुणदन को, कर देते हाल हवाल;
हाथ फैलाओ आप, मुझे बचा लो अब,
करो दो मेरा उद्धार..…तुम्हारे..


हम तो अज्ञानी है, बालक तुम माता हो;
संकट आफत अवगुण से पालन हारा हो;
पार करा लो बस इस भ्रमणा से और,
मुझे बना लो तुम सा…… तुम्हारे….

कोई भूल हुई हमसें, अपराध क्षमा करना;
ना भूल सके तुमको, ऐसे आशीष देना;
ऐसा कुछ करना, भूल करे ना हम,
प्रभु बना देना….. तुम्हारे….


Years ago, if a person had a passion to protest, then he without revealing his name would leave his printed interlude stories or subject matter in lecture halls or wherever there was large public gathering.




Even such tasks were not easy for everyone and everyone could not do it. For some, fear was enough to stop them and shame would stop the rest.


Now in the present time it happens, that…


Everybody has an easy access to smart phones and they have got an open platform through social media too. All have started using WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


Should people use them or not? This is not the time to discuss it or preach on it.


Because the spread of this social media has now become very large.


Social, political, cultural, historical, entertainment, etc., along with many fields, religious areas have also been associated with this social media.


Those who talk a lot of big and theoretical things are also promoting their own books and bookings through WhatsApp (who were previously staunch opponents of all these things).


To say that social media is harmful is only half the truth, because the whole world is becoming virtual, so it would be futile to talk about “old ways were better”.


A robber murders with knife, destroy the lives of others and if the same kind of knife is in doctor’s hand, gives a life to someone.


The stairs that are used by thieves to steal, the police use the same stairs to protect us.


Now falsifying the “Knife” or blaming the “stairs” can only prove our foolishness.


Just like that…


The strength of this social media is also similar. If we use it wrongly, the grave of the Jinshasan will be dug and if we use it well thensalvation of many works of government will be successful.


Such as; the protest on Twitter with the hashtag of #Noseaplaneinshatrunjay (No sea plane in Shatrunjay) received unimaginable and impressive response and made the governance work a success.


This is why it is wrong to say that social media is wrong.




It is unfortunate that…


Just as scientists have misused many discoveries made in addition to being used by countries of the world,


Similarly, social media is also being misused.


It has been misused in state, national, worldly, social sector.


Everyone makes memes or jokes or messages the way they like it and forward it, some would make images, some would make videos…


Everyone is considering themselves revolutionary, such as they are better rulers than the present King, Kumarapala, Vastupal, Pethadsha etc., with this confusion. These people continue to vent their heartbreak on social media using the language of the lower class.


From the time of Bhagwan Mahavir till now, whenever there were any question raised or any guilt ridden ritualism matters arised, were these the mediums to lash out anger?


And similarly, can this be considered as disciplinary actions to keep the governance matters out in the open?


The way you are presenting these things on social media, will your questions be resolved with them?


Those who talk will keep on talking … The work of gossipers will always be gossiping.


But this will only give spice to the opponents of religion. Those who get entertained by this, and clapped, will enjoy more, but nothing will be achieved in the name of solving problems by doing all this. And if we talk about social media, then not everyone is intelligent & understanding.


Therefore, people who have faith in the rule of the Lord and in whose heart this rule resides, should try to solve the problems related to the Jinshasan completely.


Nothing will be gained by performing these false stunts on social media.


To get a definite and permanent solution to your questions…


1) If the questions which are related to any person are related to the discussion, then try to solve them only by talking directly with them.


2) Hand them a copy of your questions with your own hands!


3) If your questions are not addressed by them, then inform the concerned person about the loss caused by them!


4) Do not waste your time discussing with other people except the officer-in-charge, also do not let your questions become a topic of discussion!


5) In the inquiry or discussion, you should observe restraint and respect, take special care of it!


6) If all your efforts fail then discuss privately with gurus who are regent and serious in nature!


7) Jinshasan should not be tainted in getting solutions to your questions, be alert about this. Keeping this in mind, complete your work without informing others about the subject matter!


8) Do not make the issue of defeat or victory or humiliation as the focal point in resolving your questions! Because of this your solutions can become secondary and the dignity, respect & prestige of Jinshasan and Jain Sangh can be tainted.


9) The infant also waits for 9 months to come out of her mother’s womb… pay close attention to this! Not all problems are same, some are common and some are complex. Therefore, it will take proper time for their solution too, so please keep your patience and restraint till then!


That’s all…!


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My Dear God!

In my heart, the flame of the love of Jinshasan should erupt as a volcano… but it should not harm your rule in any way… That is my prayer.

The first lady who could experience pregnancy in the entire Kaurav clan was my mother, Mata Gandhari. But I was so sinful that for 30 weeks I was not delivered. My mother tried various methods and put in a lot of efforts to get me out of her womb but all in vain. Not only this, but during her term period with me inside her womb, she used to get many negative thoughts and lot of anguish. My mother’s sister-in-law Kunti got pregnant after my mother did but she gave birth before my mother could. Yudhishtar’s birth took place from Kunti and I was still inside my mother.


Not only were this but Kunti got pregnant again, second time, and preparations for that delivery was around the corner. And yet I showed no signs of coming out. With all these thoughts lingering in her mind my mother became very impatient and she started hitting her stomach harshly with a fist. Although after this outburst, she delivered but with a weird flesh which had a smell like someone’s head just got exploded and as if a meat body, I came out. And as soon as she saw this she yelled that what would I do with this meat body?


After witnessing my underdeveloped eyes, ears & body parts and thinking about the negative thoughts and dreams that she experienced during her pregnancy with me and during the birth listening to owl & bad omen and being a victim of all these things, mother Gandhari, thinking I might be an evil destroyer of all, ordered to end my life. But at that time because of an intervention by elders & my father Dhritrashtra this order was not proceeded & I could live.


Patriarchs of my clan started taking care of my meat body. Clothes dipped in pure ghee were coated around my meat body to get rid of the foul odour of flesh. After being very attentive taking a lot of care, my child like face started appearing. After seeing this, my mother was relieved.


The day I was born, that very day after 9 hours Mata Kunti gave birth to Bheem. That means the difference between Bheem & me is for just about three prahars (9 hours). Both of our births were celebrated at once by Sambhavi Raja Pandu.


My father Dhritrashtra named me Duryodhan. Me & Bheem played together and grew up together as we were about same age. Apart from Gandhari my father had 7 more wives and with them he had 99 more sons in sequence after me. We 100 brothers were famous as 100 Kauravas. Uncle Pandu’s 5 sons were famous as 5 Pandavas. We lived together and played sports together. I had one sister named Dushala. On reaching at an eligible age my sister was married to Raja Jayadratha of Sindh country.


It was our regular morning ritual of all 105 brothers to touch feet of all our elders and take blessings from them. Our elders were Bhishma, Dhritrashtra, Pandu, Vidur, Satyavati, Ambika, Ambalika, Amba, Gandhari, Kunti, Maadri, Kumudavati etc.


All of us 105 brothers, we sometimes played by the shore of river Ganga, we used to jump around all the time, sometimes we would just take a dip in the water, wrestle around and do lots of exercise. Everytime Bheem was ahead of all. He always scored first. And yet he treated and loved each and every brother as equal and above all loved me more and held a special place for me in his heart. Even if he loved us so much but when we played we were sure to suffer an injury opposite him. Bheem would easily catch and pick us all Kauravs and supress on his side with not much effort in fun. If we climbed a tree, he would simply shake the tree with his strength so that we all will fall down. Although, all these were child friendly games. He had absolutely no grudges at all for us in his mind. Even elders would never misunderstand his child friendly games with us. Of course, I was not able to see his child friendly nature and I had started developing jealousy in my heart for his efforts and planted a seed of enmity inside me. At that time the dim light of jealousy and enmity in my heart took a turn of lightning in the battlefield of ‘Kurukshetra’. This jealousy destroyed my life and turned it into ashes, became the reason for my death, it destroyed brotherhood within me.


Truth being said, ignorance and inertia leads to the fall in the chasm that is very deep.


Sometimes when Bheem and me would wrestle together hand in hand everyone would stop by and watch our wrestle. At that time Bheem would thump me in such a way that I would directly go to my brothers and Bheem would go to his 4 brothers and then Pandavas would pat the back of Bheem with all praises and appreciations. In that moment, I would literally burn out in jealousy. In truth, jealousy is a fire without wood and sword without a war. Of course, prudent Yudhishthir had equal love for all his brothers and he used to feel all these acts are only child friendly and normal.


But, the innocent bond of love that we all 105 brothers had was beginning to take a different turn because of my jealousy driven perspective. And all of this gave birth to discrimination. And after that I took many efforts & planned to kill Bheem; like:-


1. When Bheem would be in deep sleep, I would simply tie Bheem with rolling pin and drop him in water.

2. I would leave poisonous snakes over him.

3. I would add poison in his food etc.


But the bigger person is who saves someone and not kills someone. All my efforts started going in vain and instead of doing more harm to him they infact started being more good to him. For Bheem, they proved preventive and Ramban (a solution or remedy for all difficulties) mixtures. At that time also, Bheem would think I am doing all this in my childishness. Just like an evil person can never set aside his evilness, a good person can never stop seeing good in everyone. At last, our elders Bhishma, Vidur etc sent us to great scholar Gurus Krupacharya & Dronacharya to gain education & learn armory. Well, Arjun proved to be the best in this area. With time, we all got married.


With time, the coronation took place of the heir of throne of Hastinapur, which is Yudhishthir. Sapphires were composed in such a way that the divine assembly was made on the subject that there should be confusion of water on the floor. So I started walking with my clothes up. Then when I proceeded, there was indeed a pool of water, but I got an illusion of flat earth and I went straight into the pool. Watching this, Bheem started laughing on me jokingly & I felt very insulted. It kept happening again & again and watching this, except Yudhishthir all the pandavas started laughing more & more and at the same time the words out of Draupadi’s mouth, “Andhe Jaya Andh”, a son of a blind will always be a blind, these words were like a dagger to my heart and I was anguished with my insult. I started shaking as the anger inside me was turning into a wild fire. Although Yudhishthir made a few attempts to calm me down but I could not find peace within me and from childhood all the notions that I had tied within me for pandavas became even stronger. The truth is, the tongue is more powerful & more dangerous than an atomic bomb. This jealousy and tongue were acting behind the bloodshed of crores of soldiers in the war of Mahabharata. A poet once rightly said;


रसना में अमृत बसे, रसना विष भी होय

मिले लाख ईनाम भी, जान हानि भी होय


– There is amrit in Rasna, but there is also poison in rasna.


– We get lakhs of prizes but loss of life too.


I myself was the king of the city of Indraprastha but the divinity of the divine assembly, the laughter of pandvas on me jokingly and the day by day progress of pandvas started troubling me from within. The fire of jealousy was burning intently in my mind.


Initially, mama Shakuni explained me a lot to leave jealousy and accept the feeling of love. But I either wanted them dead or myself dead, this one thought stuck by me & I was not able to get rid of this thought.


My father made lot of efforts to explain me to leave jealousy that I had for pandvas & that I should only feel love but I did not budge. It was only then, when I gave a suicide threat, my father took my side because of blind love he had for me.


Then together with mama Shakuni we made a plan. We built a divine assembly better than Hastinapur at Indraprastha. The pandvas were to be invited and the gaming workshop was to be arranged and the plan was to defeat them in gambling. Everything happened according to the filthy wishes of our mind. When Yudhishthir lost everything in gambling, Mama Shakuni advised him to play the last game to win everything back, putting Draupadi at stake. “Vinaash Kaale Viparit Buddhi” Even when everyone refused, Yudhishthir placed Draupadi at stake. When every situation is on the opposite side, how can we expect our wisdom to be on our side?


As the Pandavas were defeated and they lost Draupadi, I commanded my younger brother Dushasan, that Draupadi is now our property, you bring her to this meeting. When Dushasan went to take Draupadi, Draupadi tried hard to convince him well, but all went in vain. Dushasan caught the hairs of Draupadi and dragged her to the meeting. Bhishma and all elders and Pandavas, saw this scene and lowered their eyes in shame. Seeing Draupadi crying heavily, I got enthralled and said, “You were at stake and have been defeated in gambling, now you are mine. Come to me, we’ll have fun. Come and sit on my lap.”


People were extremely shocked after seeing this scene. Some people started crying, some got stunned and fell on the earth. Anger started as if pouring out of Draupadi’s and Bheem’s eyes. I became enraged by the bitter words of Draupadi and ordered Dushasan to pull her saree. The brutal hearted Dushasan was ready to rip Draupadi’s saree off, but because of the purity of Draupadi the Gods were supplying saree to Draupadi. As and when Dushasan would rip her saree, the saree was becoming never ending saving her respect. At this time, the fame of entire clan was being murdered, Vidhur couldn’t witness this and so he spoke very bitter and fire like words to my father, bringing my lowliness into light. Witnessing the peity side of Vidhur, everyone including my father got really scared. My father too was distraught and,m using his ‘veto’, he ordered to leave Draupadi in peace. Hence Dushasan left Draupadi.


In fact, during pregnancy I had indicated my mother as being the killer of the family, today the same proved to be true. Kurukul was stigmatized by me, Kul was destroyed. Undoubtedly my mother was a woman of this significant country and she was an ideal mother. When I used to go to seek her blessings during the war, she used to say, “Yato Dharma stato Jayah”, wherever there is Dharma, there is victory. My dear son, there is no dharma in your favour.


Of course my father contributed more to making my life, i was very devoted towards my father. If my father would have taken me on a right path, i wouldn’t have gone worse. The job of parents does not finish by just giving birth to a child in the form of a flesh, they need to take care of sacraments (sanskars) of child. If parents fail to pay attention in this particular area then a child suffers an unintentional effect which later on in life gets displayed by him through characteristics and then it destroys that child. It can also be said that me and my father Dhritrashtra were destroyed because of our wrong intentions and wrong efforts. Our misdeeds cannot be defended by citing our predetermined deeds.


When I made a vain attempt to imprison Sri Krishna who came as an intermediary for not making war,


By calculating the wise advice of Shri Krishna to give only five villages to the five Pandavas, he is given the opportunity to give them as much land as the tip of the needle,


In a room full of assembly, to give order to Draupadi to sit on my lap,


all this was the result of my audacity.


Especially, in the end, I died a very terrible death, from which an inferior quality of life can be imagined that I lived by choice. In reality, I was selfish, loved only my own self, I had nothing to do with the world or Devadhidev (Gods).


In the last moment, by following an advise from Shri Krishna, Bheem hit my lap so badly that the bones of my lap got all crushed. When this happened i was filled with an extreme anguish and my mind and body were in an extreme pain. At that time I ordered Ashwatthama to cut the head of the Pandavas and to bring it to me. At that time, in the darkness of night, he accidentally cut the head of their five sons in place of the five Pandavas and brought the bloodied head of those five to me. Seeing this, I exclaimed in extreme shock that these are Panchals, where are the Pandavas? I was frustrated by the trauma of the Pandavas’ survival, and the physical anguish was unbearable. Finally, after giving up my life on the battlefield, I went to the seventh hell. “Jaisi Mati, Waisi Gati” (As you sow, so shall you reap). My birth, life and death were all deteriorated, what remained?


The history of Mahabharata is a long history of India. Other history has been changing, but it has not changed the history of Mahabharata, hence the review of Ramayana and Mahabharata should be separated from the review of other poetic works. Due to its characters that made this history and poetry immortal and female characters have also been ranked a little higher in it.


Because the contribution of female characters has been more in the creation of Mahabharata. And in that too, the contribution of Pandav’s wife Maharani Draupadi has been omnipresent. how? let’s watch …


When Uttara, Arjuna’s wife, gave birth to Abhimanyu, then Dharmaraja Yudhishthira, returning from Digvijay, organized the Jinabhakti Festival in this behalf. Kings, Maharajas and affectionate relatives came from abroad. How can Duryodhan also stay behind, he also came.


On this occasion, Dharmaraja organized a divine assembly, whose composition was amazing and unprecedented. Dharmaraj was walking forward to show Duryodhana his love and Duryodhana followed him.


I am Draupadi, the interior remains incomplete without me. The glow of any affair is incomplete without a woman, every occasion is identified with the woman. On top of that I was the wife of the Pandavas, the queen of the state and being a youth, I also loved to be sarcastic. Duryodhana considered the transparent crystal floor as water in the divine assembly and with the intention of avoiding the clothes to get wet, he started walking high.


Seeing this, me and Bhima started laughing. Then he did not see a transparent wall of crystal and Duryodhana collided with it and broke his head. Seeing this, we laughed out loud. Jokingly came out of my mouth, “blind son of blind man.”


But this laughter was very heavy, Dharmaraj Yudhishthira was silent on seeing all this. If they had scolded me a little at that time, there would not have been such a huge disaster in the future. The loss that was caused by my speaking, probably the same loss was also due to Dharmaraj not speaking.


The fact is that if you don’t speak where you should, there is a higher probability of loss. And if you speak where you shouldn’t, there is less possibility of harm. If I had spoken where Dharmaraja spoke, Duryodhana would not have bothered it much.


The words spoken in the name of ‘father’, Bhima supporting me and Yudhishthira’s silence had planted a feeling of insult in Duryodhana’s mind. It was here that the Massacre of Mahabharata was born.


Duryodhana had now become a firm enemy of the Pandavas, that is why when Dharmaraja had defeated me in the gaming assembly, Duryodhana made a cruel and perverted joke telling me to sit there in a full meeting. Not only that, I was menstruating at that time, regardless of this, he gave a disgusting order to the Dushashasan to drag me by my hair to the Raj Sabha.


A3 P2 medium


At that time, Duryodhana’s mother Gandhari and grandfather Bhishma should have come forward to rebuke Duryodhana, but unfortunately this did not happen. Even big people like Bhishma and Gandhari remained silent, did not speak where they wanted to speak, so the damage was more. It is from here that the roots of Mahabharata deepened. Of course, Duryodhana’s mistake was no small, the villain of the entire Mahabharata was the same, but in the background of it, the insulting words uttered by me and the silence of Gandhari, etc. were also working.


Of course my name is taken as Dowai in the morning Rai Pratikraman in the Bharahesar sajhhay, because I was not Sati, but Mahasati. As all the twenty-seven Satis had to live with the same male partner for twenty-four hours through out the life, but I had to accept one in five men every year as husband, according to the arrangement made by Narada, and the remaining four had to be seen as a brother for that year. Every year the husband changed, and the former husband became a brother again and again, fulfilling such a situation was a difficult and very difficult task. How difficult is it to be like a brother with a husband who has treated him like a husband in the previous year. But I devoted this relationship sincerely, so I got the identity of Mahasati, not Sati.


After that I was not only a Mahasati, but also a wise person. That is why I had bowed others’ head in shame at the meeting, where I was undressed, by asking subtle and unanswerable questions. If a person who has lost himself does not have authority over his wife, how can he put his wife at stake? And how can those who do not dare to speak truth and clearness be called honorable men?


Just as I had high qualities like Mahasatattva and intelligence, similarly there were also defects of anger etc. For example, I had unhesitatingly spoken to Dharmaraja that if your mother had given birth to a daughter in your place, she would have been a million times better than you, you are like an eunuch. I have expressed anger many times with words. In that too, due to the association with Bhima, or sometimes due to the incident of gambling, or due to suffering in exile, my anger was cracked many times.


When Ashwatthama killed my five sons in a single night, I l stubbornly asked to hold him and cut his head in front of me. My persistence was also unusual. Once in exile a lotus fell on my lap while flying. The lotus was very beautiful, I was insisting to bring the similar lotus. When Bhima searched the origin of that lotus, he found a pond. He entered there without the consent of the owner of that pond, and when he landed in the pond to take the lotus, he started drowning there.


In search of Bhima, Arjun and other brothers also reached there, and they also made the same mistake, and they also drowned in that pond. Finally Yudhishthira had the same condition. Here Mata Kunti and I started kayotsarga for the life of Pandavas. Throughout the night, we had become so engrossed in the meditation of Panch Parmeshthi, that our body had become like a stub.


At that time, the Dev-Vimana going through the sky was ejected due to our meditation. Indra seated in it ascertained the situation with his knowledge and sent his messenger to Nagaraja of Patala. And got the Pandavas released from the owner of that pond there. In the morning, the angel brought the Pandavas to us by putting them on the plane, everyone had a pleasant meeting. The stubbornness of matter puts man in so much trouble, and how much pleasure the insistence on God gives, it was revealed by this incident.


Some humans are material-effective, some virtuous-effective and some divine-effective. Substance-dominant people are indulgent, virtuous-dominant ones are sacrificial and God-dominant ones are yogic. The only thing I would say from this context is that the lesser the requirements, the lesser the sins, and the troubles will also reduce. The subtle power of kayotsarga, that is, spiritual strength has so much power, it is proved by this context.


See another such incident. I once became lonely in the forest, and got caught in a terrible situation. It was night time and I was regretting this. A hungry lion was seen wandering here and there in the terrible forest, I was shocked. But I stood still with a faith in religion. The lion was ready to attack, so I made a line on the sand, and looking at the lion I said,


Yadi me prananathen satyarekha na langhati

Tada Tamapyamu Rekham Sma Shardul Langhay



Hey Vanraj! If my husband has never violated the truth line, do not violate this line also. And as if truth and sattva had an effect on Lion and he changed his path. When I moved forward, a snake came in front of me while chirping. When I saw him, I roared, ‘If I have not cheated with my five husbands with mind, speech and physique, O serpent! Go away from here. ”The snake immediately went from there.


True, I had great love for my five husbands and I was also completely devoted to them. During the exile, I used to eat only after feeding five husbands and mother Kunti.



How did I have 5 husbands? If you have a husband, then the woman is called Sati. I had five husbands, yet why did I call Mahasati? The answer will come from my previous birth, not in this birth.


In the former Birth I was a sadhvi named Sukumalika. Even after the Guru’s refusal, I used to meditate on the pain of taking sunlight in the forest like sages. Once I saw a prostitute playing with five men a little distance away, and I also felt like being a woman who tried the same way. At the same time I did a resolution and put the earnings of the spiritual practice into the gambling of Mohraja’s world. Even good work done against the orders of parents and the master does not lead to success.


The Guru’s words should never be opposed. The penance and envy against the Guru’s command struck me heavily. As a result of this, I went to put a swayamvara in the neck of Arjun, who practiced Radhavedh, but also fell in the neck of the other four. At that time, the Gods situated in the sky did this work. So the father King Drupada, who was in irony, heard the voice, “Rajan! You should not become confused, this is the result of deeds of its predecessor. It cannot escape it.” Hearing this my father gave me consent for five husbands.


In the evening of my life, I took initiation, practiced beautiful self-restraint and went to heaven.


Once upon a time four youngsters went to a famous philosopher Socrates. After speaking for a little while Socrates asked them, ”What is it that you want to become in future?”


First young boy replied, “I have keen interest in science and I dream of becoming world renowned. With all the new research & inventions, I plan to earn name, fame and prestige in the world.”


Another young boy replied, “I am keenly interested in philosophy and I study day & night and I try to achieve mystic mysteries of life. I want to become a great thinker like you.


Third young boy replied, “I am greatly attracted by literature. I want to become a great writer and to achieve this I keep writing day & night. I am struggling to achieve what I want.”


And the fourth young boy, who looked like saint & poor, said, “I have no ambition in life.”


After listening to this…


All three young boys started saying, “This boy has gone mad. Because he has no ambition in life and he doesn’t want to be someone, he has become the reason for laughs.


Socrates stopped all the 3 boys & asked that fourth saint like boy, “Is this absolutely true that you don’t want to do anything in life?”


He replied, “I don’t want to become big scientist, a rich man, a big writer, philosopher etc. I just want to spend my life being a good & kind hearted gentleman.


Socrates became very happy & said, “You have expressed a marvellous thought. It’s always easy to become a scientist or writer or philosopher but to become a good human being is the toughest of all and so it is considered as the biggest success in human life.”


If people somehow understand this easy, simple & deep conversation between Socrates & this fourth child, then world will be free of terrorism – struggles – corruption – fornication – misconduct.


‘Suripurander’ Pujya Acharya Shri Haribhadra Suriji M.Sa. explains how to become a great person by showing 35 qualities in ‘Dharmabindu Granth’.


“He who is rich has no guarantee of self-development, but he who is a gentleman, his self-development is inevitable.”


“Everybody recognises a rich person, but everyone loves a gentle person.”


“A rich person gets respect, but a good human being experiences the real bliss of life.”


What is our aim? Our purpose?


Do we want to be a rich person or a good human being?
Do we want to be someone big or someone great?
Do we want to become someone with lots of money or lots of quality in character?


Come.. Let’s take an oath, before I become rich, I will first become a gentle human being.

The world blossoms with the colours of relationships. It is the relationships that make this world a better place to live in. In all of the relations that one relation that lighten & brighten us up & bring us instantly into our happy mood is ‘the relation of Friendship’. It’s not a blood relation but the spirit of this relation is tied to our heart.


There is absolutely no place for post, prestige, power, money, pride, honour, ego, status in this beautiful relation. Just like Krishna & Sudhama’s friendship. There was no hint of inferior-superior feeling in their friendship. Nor they had pride of the power in between, neither an ego over opulence was ever a hindrance in their beautiful relation. It is a beautiful example of a true friendship.


Friendship feels like a home that helps us enjoy this beautiful life even more. We can be totally ourselves in front of our friends and we are accepted just the way we are. Our specialities, weaknesses, and all our deep dark secrets are stored in our friend’s heart forever.


There is no proper place & time to build a friendship. When it happens, it happens! And that date & time become special. Weddings & everything else require special time & place because there on every step we face many difficulties. But friendship gives us a peace of mind, the joy of life. For marriage, age matters. But for friendship there is no such barrier. Kids, adults or even aged people make great friends. The very beautiful essence of friendship rules over everyone’s mind & heart.


From the age of nursery till we are old enough to fly to abroad for our higher education, friendship is one such relation that keeps beautifying our paths. We meet & become friends with many people. Our neighbours also become our friends. If we shift then there we make new friends. During vacations, we go to our uncle’s & aunt’s for stay and there we make different friends.


If we are travelling or are on a tour or on pilgrimage or on an official trip for some project work, we make friends effortlessly or infact we don’t even try to do friendship, it sort of happens naturally.


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We strive to search and get back together with our school or college friends. And when we do, we often find ourselves reminiscing the old moments and memories spent with our friends. We share photos or videos of old times & keep celebrating the joy of friendship. We keep remembering our friends.


Even if a dear friend is near or far it doesn’t make much difference to our friendship with that person. The relations that are formed from the deepest corners of our hearts they just keep blooming with each passing day like any bouquet.


And Yes! If we are into the bond of friendship we need to take some efforts to keep it alive throughout and it takes both people to keep it alive. If always it is your friend who is trying to keep up the friendship by communication or by keeping in touch with you and you always keep giving reasons that you don’t have time then you might lose a dear friend of yours.


In Sanskrit it is said “सखा साधुप्रलापावधि”.


Friends are in touch with you only till there is affection and good wishes in between. When affection starts to fade away, friendships wither away gradually. So if you don’t want to lose a good friend then stay alert.


If we travel back in time just like in any movie, we will realise when we were kids then we used to carry lunch boxes and we shared our lunch with our friends. Sharing and eating was the utmost fun at that time. Someday, when mother cooked our favourite meal she would say, “Finish your tiffin all by yourself, its your favourite. Don’t share it with your friends.” But that instruction was clearly left at the doorstep on our way out. As soon as it would be a lunch time we waited when we will share our favourite meal with our favourite friend. The moment he took bite from our lunch thats when we would feel nice.


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Now that we enter teenage, chocolates were shared with friends, playing with friends was altogether a different fun. We even began sharing our toys. And while playing if a friend is caught doing cheating then we would convince him with the sweetest tone possible.


Birthday celebrations were exciting only because we would celebrate it with our friends. Having friends over for a birthday was even more exciting than having relatives over. We would excitingly click photos with our friends and store them in our memories forever.


Teenage is without any doubt the best phase of our life and as soon as it comes to an end there is a chaos of emotions that surge inside us. There is this huge rush of all kinds of feelings inside us. And during this time, it is our friends who become our safe deposit locker. All our secrets which we otherwise hesitate to reveal in front of our mother-father, brother-sister are revealed in front of a friend because we find comfort in them.


We share our most happy situations with our friends and also we choose to cry on the shoulder of a friend when we are not in our best shape.


Finding peaceful time amidst all the chaos to sit around with our friend is like a dream and something that we constantly look forward for. And when we meet the chit chat never ends and we cannot have enough of our friend.


With whom you can casually share the phrases such as, “Abey! Oye.” and never having to say formalities like Thankyou & Sorry before departing, that is beauty of friendship.


Friends are precious. They leave no opportunity to tease us by repeatedly chanting the name of our crush or the one we have feelings for, they mock us, they get easily mad with us, they have all the rights on us, they will take anything that we own without any hesitation like its their belonging and we never mind about it, and they also their belongings as if we own it.


A friend has all the abilities to set you in the right mood at any time. Whenever we feel nervous they will just crack some lame hilarious joke or try everything to set our mood straight and in no time we laugh again. They present the lamest of jokes in such a way that we get all cracked up.


If a friend is on talking terms then heart feels happy all the time, if for some reason he is angrywith us then we become very restless.


A friend is closest of all, very close to our heart. Only by judging an expression of a friend we can clearly make out if he still wishes to stay our friend or he don’t. We stay so close with our friends that we are aware of even the slightest of details attached with our friend and so we instantly understand even if there is any minute change in how he is feeling or thinking.


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A true friend never betrays, but there are times in life when we might accidentally choose wrong people in our life as our friends and then our trust converts into over confidence or disbelief and we get hit with one of the worst phases of life which is hard to endure but it is also hard to talk about it. Even Hindu Shastra mentions, be very wise while choosing your friends because if you are not alert or wise in the beginning, later we are left with only regrets.


“वर्जनीया मतिमता, दुर्जनः सख्यवैरयोः, श्वा भवत्यपकाराय, लिहन्नपि दशन्नपि ॥”

(सोबत करतौं श्वान की, बे बाजु भवै दुःख, खीजुं चाटतैं पींड कौ, रीझ्युं चाटत है मुख ॥)

Meaning :- He who is tied with us, is tied for life. Be alert in the beginning so as to avoid regrets later.


पञ्चसूत्र और उपदेशरहस्य की अन्तिम 15 हितशिक्षा में कहा है कि,

“वज्जिज्जा अधम्ममित्तजोगं ॥”


Meaning :- One who is vicious, one who can’t be trusted and one who is atheist, maintain your safe distance from such people. They can never be your friends.


“कल्लाणमित्तं संसग्गि सदा कुव्वेज्जं पंडिए ॥” (ऋषिभाषितसूत्र-॥33॥17॥)


Meaning :- Intelligent people should always find people who think of friend’s welfare, to hangout with. How do we recognise such a friend ? Bhatrihari policy maker explains as follows :-


“पापान्निवारयति योजयते हिताय, गुह्यं निगूहति गुणान्प्रकटी करोति ।

आपद्गतं च न जहाति ददाति काले, सन्मित्रलक्षणमिदं प्रवदन्ति सन्तः ॥73॥”


Meaning :-

  1. He who stops a friend to commit any sin.
  2. He who teaches his friend about beneficial habits and trends.
  3. He who can hold tight the secrets of a friend.
  4. He who takes pride in expressing the good qualities of a friend in front of public or behind his back.
  5. He who protects a friend in the time of need.
  6. He who gives time to a friend.

Great Men have listed these qualities that a good friend possess.


My dear friend Shri Munivar Tirthbodhivijayji M.Sa. has extremely beautiful and captivating imagination that Guru of P.Poo. Upadhyay Shri Yoshivijayji named P.Poo. Shri Nayvijayji M.Sa. and Guru of P.Poo. Shri Vinayvijayji M.Sa. named P.Poo. Upadhyay Shri Kirtivijayji M.Sa. had an intimate friendship. They had decided that they will keep the names of their disciples complementing the synonyms of each other’s names. And so P.Poo. Nayvijayji M.Sa. kept his disciple’s name keeping in mind the word ‘Kirti’ (synonym of which is Yash) as ‘Yashovijay’ and P.Poo. Shri Kirtivijayji M.Sa. kept his disciples’s name keeping in mind ‘Nay’ and named him as ‘Vinayvijay’. And you must have seen that P.Poo. Yashovijayji M.Sa. and P.Poo. Vinayvijay M.Sa. also had deep intimate friendship because of which the formation of ‘Shripal Raja Ki Ras’ was approved by Vinayvijayji M.Sa. only on the condition that only Yashovijayji M.Sa. will complete this incomplete tale and Yashovijayji had promised to do so. The blissful ending of this tale was as expected by the two great friends and they completed it together. This ‘Ras’ is like a friendship holy book for Gods.


Our P.Poo. Gachadhipati Shri JayGhosh soori Maharaj saheb had a dear friend P.Poo. Shri Dharamjeet soori M.Sa. Even after Poo.Aa. Shri Dharamjeet soori had left for heavenly abode he used to come and meet his friend Poo. Gachadhipati.


Freindship of a gentleman – it is a matter of a great fortune to be friends with great men.


How do we come to know if we have chosen a friendship or a company of a great man or an evil man ? The answer is here :


“आरम्भ गुर्वीक्षयिणी क्रमेण, लघ्वी पुरा वृद्धिमती च पश्चात् ।

दिनस्य पूर्वार्धपरार्धभिन्ना छायेव मैत्री खलसज्जनानाम् ॥”


Meaning :- A friendship of an evil man is just like a shadow of a first half of the day (from morning till noon) which is detailed and bright at first and gradually fades. And a friendship with a great man is like the shadow of a second half of the day (From noon till evening), at first it is very faded and it becomes brighter and detailed later in the evening.


Just like that there are lines in Shastra to describe Friendship :-


             उत्सवे व्यसने प्राप्ते दुर्भिक्षे शत्रुसंकटे, राजद्वारे स्मशाने च य तिष्ठति स बान्धवः ॥ – पञ्चतन्त्र ॥5॥41॥


             व्यसने मित्र परिक्षा…

             आपत्सु मित्रं जानीयाद् – हितोपदेश

             तन्मित्रं यत्र विश्वासः ।


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In short, the meaning of these lines is that in the times of celebrations, troubles, objections, the dawn, trouble from an enemy, difficulties in state decisions, a person who stands tall with us and stays neutral with us is one trustworthy friend. Because in times like these if someone leaves us stranded how can he be a good friend?


A true friend will not even care about his life for a friendship. He will not be able to bear even the little bit of sadness of a friend. It is very rare and fortunate to be blessed with a friend who stays with you like an equal partner of all your sorrows and happiness.


In a well defined sanskrit shlok there is a beautiful description of friendship of Kheer-Neer.


“क्षीरेणात्मगतोदकाय हि गुणाः दत्ताः पुरा तेऽखिलाः, क्षीरे तापमवेक्ष्य तेन पयसाऽह्यात्मा कृशानोऽहुतः ॥

गन्तुं पावकमुन्मनस्तदभवत् दृष्ट्वा तु मित्रापदम्, युक्तं तेन जलेन शाम्यति सतां मैत्री पुनस्त्वीदृशी ॥”


Meaning :- Milk mixes well the self sufficient water in it and covers water in all its qualities. And hence, as a remembrance of this favour when we put milk on a flame and when it starts burning, water, being a good friend to milk and to protect it from burning, burns itself on flame. And on the other hand, after witnessing the culmination of a friend, milk starts burning with utmost distraught and attains peace only when water is added in it.


Friendship with Great Men can be compared with this.


In order to explain a friendship with an evil man, Shastra describes :


“दुर्जनेन समं सख्यं प्रीतिं चापि न कारयेत्, उष्णो दहति चाङ्गारं शीतः कृष्णायते करम् ॥” – हितोपदेश


Meaning :- We should never make a loving friendship with an evil man. Like a coal adapts the heat of a fire and burns your hand and even after cooling down it blackens your hand.


And so, one should always keep their friendship alive with great men. And to keep such friendship unbreakable there are few important lines explained in Shastra :


“इच्छेश्चेद्विपुलां मैत्रीं त्रीणी तत्र न कारयेत्, वाग्वादमर्थसम्बन्धं तन्पत्नि परिभाषणम् ॥”


Meaning :-


  1. Never fall into a controversy with a friend.
  2. Never see your friendship in an economic behaviour.
  3. Never speak with your friend’s wife.

If we keep in mind these three things, we build a foundation of an unbreakable friendship.


If you want to keep your friendship alive forever, then follow these 4 points ardently :


“प्राणैरपि हितावृत्तिः, अद्रोहो व्याजवर्जनम्, आत्मनीव प्रियाधानं एतत् मैत्री महाव्रतम् ॥”


  1. A friend means greater than life, possess such an attitude.
  2. Never betray a friend. Never!
  3. Never find selfish reasons and intentions in a friendship.
  4. Like we love ourselves, we should love our friends in the same manner.

As soon as our young generation step into the college in present times, they quickly adapt to an environment of college. The concept of west culture is taking over on the minds and hearts of youth through movies and social media. And so, young generation is more fascinated now-a-days with the concept of boyfriend-girlfriend wherein there is no deep meaningful love, only and only infatuation. Many people now a days enter in such relation just to show off to their peer. In such relations, only God knows how much the purity of friendship lacks.


But Poojya Mahopadhyaya Yashovijayji M.Sa. considered God as his only friend and so in the description of Lord Shreyansnath he sang :


“तुमे बहु मैत्री रे साहिबा, मारे तो मन एक, तुझ विण बीजो रे नवि गमे, ए मुझ म्होटी रे टेक ।

श्री श्रेयांस कृपा करो…”


And in response to this God answered,


“पुरिसा! तुममेव तुमं मित्तं, किं बहिया मित्तं इच्छसि ?” – श्रीआचारांगसूत्र ।


Meaning: – Hey Fortunate One! You are your own friend, so why do you go around the world in search of a friend? Or keep the longing of a friend from outside world?


God’s these words contain utmost seriousness, esoteric and essence on which we can totally rely.


I would like to bring in close attention at the end of this write up, that in our ethology, philosophy, traditions there are a plenty of shloks written on the topic of friendship. Out of which I have tried to describe some special handpicked shloks on this beautiful occasion of friendship.


Our ancient culture teaches us some beautiful soft and selfless examples of friendships. We should be glad and consider ourselves fortunate for such understanding from our ancient culture.


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Last Seen:


“मा गा इत्यपमङ्गलं व्रज पुनः स्नेहेन हीनं वचः, तिष्ठेति प्रभुता यथारुचि कुरु ह्येषाप्युदासीनता ।

नो जीवामि विना त्वयेति वचनं सम्भाव्यते वा न वा, तन्मां शिक्षय मित्र यत्समुचितं वाक्यं त्वयि प्रस्थिते ॥”


At the time of departure, one friend wants to say to other friend, “Don’t Go!” But it is not right to become hindrance in a friend’s progress then what should a friend say? “Okay! Go” But where is love in this sentence? Then what should he say? “Okay! Now Stop!” This is clearly order giving statement. Then what should he say? “Do whatever you feel right!” This depicts extremely sad and anger tone. “Oh My Friend! You are leaving but I won’t be able to stay alive without you.” This sentence has unbelievable extreme exaggeration in it which lacks truth.


Hence, “Oh my Friend! Now that you are leaving, kindly teach some appropriate saying for this intolerable farewell.”

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After studying the first study called Pap-Vipak, God Veer Prabhu started the second study. In the Bharata region of this Jambudweep there was a town called Vyaparigram. The people of this city were very prosperous and lived in skyscrapers. Everyone had a treasure of wealth and food. Everyone was happy.


The king’s name was Mitra. He was very brave and mighty. He had many queens. The Queen’s name was Shri. Shri Rani was not only beautiful but was also modest and virtuous. In the same city, Vijayamitra used to live. His wife’s name was Subhadra. Subhadra was beautiful. While enjoying worldly pleasures, Subhadra gave a birth to a good looking Son, named – Ujjhitak.


Once upon a time. We (Vardhamana Swami) while visiting the Vihara visited a garden called Duteepalash, located in the northeast of the Vanijyagram. In one corner of the garden was the Yakshayatana (temple) of Sudharma Yaksha. Here the deities composed the embellishment. The kings along with the people also came to listen to the sermon and everyone was pleased to hear it.


Midday was the time of alms. After receiving my permission, Indrabhuti Gautam, who did the penance of Chhata (2 upwas) , went out to take alms. On the way, he saw strange scenes. On the highway, contingents of elephants, horses and soldiers were seen ready for any fierce battle.


When Gautama moved forward, a strange man appeared among those soldiers. His nose and ears were severed. Hands were tied backwards. There was a garland of red flowers around his neck. The whole body was smeared with oil and the powder of ocher was added. That person was very afraid. The indomitable craving to live was visible in his eyes. The elders appointed by the king were constantly mutilating him and throwing small pieces of his body in front of him and throwing them on the highway in front of him, which were being eaten by birds like eagles and crows.


As this pain was incomplete, hundreds of people were beating him with stones and whips. In such a situation, he was surrounded by thousands of people, was being taken in the streets of the city. At each crossroad, the announcement was made by the announcer – “O citizens! King Or Prince are not responsible for this plight of Ujjhitaka. It is sad because of the deeds done by ourselves.

Gautam’s mind got overwhelmed after seeing this scene. There was a thought in his psyche that this man is experiencing so much anguish.


Gautam returned after receiving alms from Vyapargram, his mind was furious. They were thinking what such deeds this man has done, which is suffering so much? Gautam asked me, “O God! Today, a man who has experienced the pangs of hell, what kind of karma led to this odd condition from which he is suffering ?


A2 medium

To address the question I described his earlier life precisely. There was a city called Hastinapur in the Bharat region of the Jambudweep. It’s king was Sunand. Sunand’s greatness was as amazing and unshakable as that of the Himalayan Mountains. In the central part of this city, there was a huge gaushala with hundreds of columns. It was beautiful and pleasing to the mind. Thousands of cows, buffaloes, calves and bulls lived in this cowshed. There was a good arrangement of grass and water for their fodder.


Animals did not have any kind of fear in this gaushala. There was no possibility of any disturbance. All kinds of facilities for animals were available there. The biggest feature of this Gaushala was that the animals of the people used to come here, as well as other animals which were not owned and used to roam around here and there.


In the town of Hastinapur, there lived a great man named Bhima. He was a master of terrible elusion, false-propaganda and fraudulent policy. Unrighteousness was his nature. It was his religion to torture others and to experience joy in it.


Bhima’s wife was Utpala. At one time Utpala was pregnant. Three months of gestation were completed. At such a time, she had a twitch – ‘Those women, those mothers are blessed, fortunate, their life is successful, who are fed fried, roasted or miscellaneous of various parts of different kinds of animals like cow. Cooked meat made with spices is available for feeding. Along with it, drinking beverages like Sura, Madhu, Asava, Kadambari, Draksha are also available.


Truly blessed are those women, who get fulfilled such a plea. I am also twitched. Hopefully! Somehow it can be completed.’


Utpala had such twitch which remained in her mind only. She could not speak her mind to her husband. Her pleadings were not getting complete, so she started to feel anxious. This made her body dry up. The flesh of the body melted and the skeleton just started appearing. The body started to look like a patient.


The glow of the face disappeared. She used to stay sad. Body became pale. The sharp eyes disappeared. Lotus kind of face withered away. She stopped dressing with fragrance, beautiful clothes, gold jewelery and delicate flowers. The conscience of the decisiveness was destroyed. She became completely zero minded.


These changes in Utpal’s body could not remain hidden. Seeing weaker wife, Bhima asked- ‘Dear! What is the reason for this change in your body? You are always mourning, while these are the days of your celebration. Why are clouds of concern appearing at such a time? Seeing your sorrow, my heart is crumbling. ‘


Hearing this, Utpala said- ‘Swaminath! My womb is about three months old. I am struck by how blessed those women are, who fulfill their desire with a variety of non-vegetarian and varied types of drinking. What do I get? How will my prayer be fulfilled? Praneshwar! This desire of mine is not getting fulfilled, so the happiness of my mind is gone. My mind has become impatient. I live constantly into it.


Hey dear I feel that as long as I do not get this fulfilled, there will be no difference in my body and enthusiasm. ‘


Hearing this, Bhima told his wife- ‘Dear! Now you are free from worry. I will surely fulfill your desire.’


Utpala was convinced after hearing Bhima’s words like this. The day was over. Evening cloudy Night arrived. At midnight, Bhima exited his bedroom. He wore thick armor on the body and bow-arrow on the shoulder. Several other big and small arms came out of the house and reached the Gaushala located in the central part of the town of Hastinapur.


Nobody could see, thus Bhima entered the gaushala. Even animals do not know, so cleanly they started cutting their eyes, ears, tail, udder, etc. His weapon was so sharp that parts of animals like cows would be cut apart at once. Thus he collected meat and came out of the cowshed with blood dripping limbs and reached home in hiding. With a lot of love cows etc. animals were handed over to wife Utpala. Knowing my wish was fulfilled, Utpala was very happy. She went to the kitchen with blood meat and baked it, roasted it, cooked it and ate it with alcohol.


In this way Utpala’s plea was completed and she began to bear the womb happily. At the completion of nine months of pregnancy, Utpala gave birth to a son. As soon as he was born, the child started screaming horribly. The ear curtain started bursting with his scream. Hearing this scream, cows, bulls, calves etc. animals living in the cowshed got frightened and broke the bond and started running here and there. Seeing this, the parents thought that the cows were also angry because of its scream, so it should be named Gotras.


Thus the son was named – Gotras. Gotras’s childhood was spent in sports. He was young. One day, suddenly Gotras’ father Bhima died. Gotras got nervous due to this sudden objection. Family members came and consoled. He wept with his heart while weeping with relatives, friends, etc. and performed the last rites of the father and completed many deeds (Shraddha Karma).


King Sunand of Hastinapur got the assurance of Gotras when he got the news. Not only this, the king appointed Gotras to the post on which Bhima was employed. Gotras was not like his father. Bhima had some difficulty in explaining, but Gotras was not ready to understand anything under any circumstances.


Once gotras wanted to eat the flesh of cows and animals like dohad which came to mother before her birth. He disguised as a soldier like his father and reached the Gomandap at midnight. There he cut the ingredients of eyes, ears, nose, tail, udder, etc. of other animals, such as cows, and brought them home and roasted, cooked and consumed it with liquer. After this it became his routine. He started consuming meat and liquor in the same way every night. While doing this, he did the terrible sins.


A2 P1 mediumAfter completing the age of five hundred years, at the end of time, he was suffering from extreme fear, anxiety, sorrow. After getting death in time, he became a Naraki of a superior age in the second hell. There he endured many grief-sorrows.




Hey Gautam! This town has a Sartavaha superior named Vijayamitra. His wife’s name is Subhadra. Every time Subhadra did maternity due the rise of earlier deeds, every time a child was born. Vijayamitra and Subhadra started feeling sad and upset.


Here, the living creature of Gotras continued to endure the terrible sufferings conferred by the divine gods for innumerable times in hell. In due course of time, the age of hell was fulfilled and was born in the ill-treatment of Subhadra, the wife of Vijayamitra. She was born on completion of nine months of pregnancy. Every time a child was born he died. This time it did not happen. The parents, overwhelmed with this fear, felt that this child would live. This made him very happy.


The child became longevity, for this purpose Subhadra threw him on a stare outside the city and then picked him up. He brought home a beautiful child care.


According to ritual, the parents spent generously and happily in the work of congratulating the son’s birth, sun-moon darshan, Jagran Utsav, etc. Thus eleven days were completed. On the occasion of naming on the twelfth day, the parents urged the boy to be named Ujhhitak, because she had thrown him on the stare at birth. All the present relatives supported it and accepted it with joy.


Laughing and playing in the lap of five-five goddess mothers, he grew-up gradually. One day Vijayamitra contemplated that Ujhhitak had become quite big and sensible. In trust, leaving home, I can go abroad for business. Thinking this, Vijayamitra took permission from wife and son.


Vijayamitra filled ghee, oil, jaggery, sugar, coconut, cloth, diamonds, emeralds, rubies etc. in his ship for sale in abroad. Departed at Lavanasamudra with the good wishes of wife and son in a good muhurta. Vijayamitra, dreaming of gold, was constantly moving with his ship into the sea.


Destiny’s games are unique. Vijayamitra’s fate was also damaged. The ship collided with an invisible sea rock before breaking ashore. All the goods merged into the sea. Passengers and sailors who walked together all drowned along with the ship. Trying desperately to escape, Vijayamitra went down the water in a state of helplessness. He died.


Within a few days, news of Vijayamitra and his ship’s accident spread in the town. There was no end to the Subhadra and Ujjitka’s suffering. ‘My husband drowned in the sea with salt and ships worth crores of rupees.’ While contemplating this idea, Subhadra drowned in an ocean of grief. She was out of her mind.


Just as the Champak tree collapses with one blow of the axe, similarly Subhadra fell to the ground with a bang. Relatives, friends and neighbors splashed water, fans fanned. Her consciousness returned after one hour. Everyone tied her up.


But thanks to the strangeness of this selfish world! Whatever material, jewelery, etc. kept by the trustworthy officers, nobles and sarthavas of the city, they all took their goods and went to some unknown place outside the town.


Subhadra performed her husband’s temporal-deceased work with her family. After completion of all the work, relatives went to their respective homes. But, the ocean of tears coming out of Subhadra’s eyes were unstoppable. Many days passed while remembering her husband, but Subhadra could not accept the truth.


She would remember her husband who had gone abroad, remembered the money of crores of rupees, remembered the strait of the ship, then the memory of her husband’s premature death would have been refreshed. Thus, one day crying, she went on her husband’s path. Subhadra died.


News of Subhadra’s death spread throughout the city with the speed of wind. When the city guards got this news, they entered Subhadra’s house. They first drove Ujjitka out of the house. After that they called all the creditors of the Vijaymitra from whom he had borrowed money and handed over the house in exchange for money.


In this way, the Ujjhitaka became completely orphaned. First, father died. A great deal of money went with the father. Then mother also left. Whatever was left with the mother, the house etc., all of that also went away. Now it has become like earth below, sky above. In these circumstances neither the relatives supported him nor the friends.


Lonely, orphaned, destitute, helpless, the ardent wanderer wandered the streets and squares of the town. Sometimes in shelters and sometimes on highways. Just as a house without a roof is not safe, in the absence of parents, the child becomes autocratic. There was no one to stop even the Ujjitak. He became completely free. After this, he found bitter friends.


Due to all these reasons he became fully involved in the miseries like theft, gambling, prostitution, adultery. Whatever money he got from theft and gambling, he would rob him of prostitution. Because of this, he had become an insane lunatic behind the prostitute named Kamadhwaja of the city.


Kamadhwaja was a very beautiful courtesan of the city of Vyaparigram. She was replete with 72 arts of femininity and 64 qualities of courtesan. Every element of her body was attractive. When she entered her building with sixteen adornments, the arrival of Rati, the wife of the dejected Cupid, would be felt. There was no other court in the entire town equaling her form, beauty, dance and song.


A high flag keeps waving at her building, which was a silent invitation to thousands. The value of spending a night with it was one thousand gold-currency. Kamadhwaja had a chariot named Karnarath with beautiful figurative horses for movement in the city. There were thousands of courtesans under her patronage, who worked under the direction of Kamadhwaja. The king of the city was pleased and presented her with umbrella, etc. In short, Kamadhwaja was a royal courtesan.


Ujjitaka remained mad at the feet of this Kamadhwaja prostitute, day and night. He could not live a single moment without her. He used to keep enjoying the joys of divine happiness while living in the human world with Kamadhwaja. For this, the public had spent thousands of gold coins.




Vijayamitra was the king of this town. King Vijayamitra was a powerful and rich. His wife’s name was Sridevi. Sridevi was a renewable store of form and beauty in itself. There was an infinite amount of love between the king and queen. Thus, time was passing in the joy of enjoyment.


The predestined Asata Vedani Karma emerged. Rani Sridevi suffered from a vaginal disease. She started living in constant pain due to the disease. He could not enjoy any happiness in the world. In this state of anguish, King Vijayamitra could not have sex with the queen. The king was not even disinterested with worldly pleasures, but his desire for pleasures was becoming stronger. It was impossible for him to get pleasure from Rani Sridevi.


Hence, the king was determined to go to Kamadhwaja court for work.


While entering the Ganika Bhavan, Raja got the news that Ujjitak remains mad after Kamadhwaja day and night. The king thought that this person would be a hindrance to my happiness. On the orders of the king, the bodyguards humiliated and drove him out of the building. The king felt peace when Ujithak left. He became relaxed with Kamadhwaja and started enjoying the excellent enjoyment of human beings.


In this way, the Ujjhitaka got away from the body from the Kamadhwaja, but the mind always continued to delight in Kamadhwaja. Day and night, he kept provoking the thoughts of Kamadhwaja. Without that Kamdhwaja, a single moment of life seemed worth 100 years to him. He lost his peace of mind in the face of Kamadhwaja. Like a madman, he would continue to grumble with the name of ‘Kamadhwaja’. It means that he was devoted to Kamadhwaja by mind, speech, body.


In such a situation, the same thought kept going in his mind, that what should I do, so that I can revive the subject-pleasures with Kamadhwaja again. He kept wandering around the Ganika Bhavan, hoping that the address would find a secret passage to enter the building and he could enter.


Finally one day he got the secret gate to enter the Ganika Bhavan of Kamadhwaja. When he entered the building from secret door, Kamadhwaja greeted him with a sweet gesture. Ujjitak again indulged in the enjoyment of subject-pleasures with Kamadhwaja.


When a person becomes blind in lust, he forgets his sorrows, enemies and even death. Big knowledgeable ascetics also become slaves to the subject-pleasures. Then what is the status of a foolish human! Staying here at Kamadhwaja, while enjoying the subject and happiness, the same was the situation of the Ujjhitaka.


Once upon a time. When Ujjitaka was busy with Kamadhwaja at Kamakrida, at the same time King Vijayamitra also arrived there. Vijayamitra’s wrath reached the seventh sky after seeing Ujjitak with his beloved courtesan together. His face turned red. Fuming with rage, he threw him outside the court house with the help of bodyguards. The king’s soldiers did not stop on this only.


They beat him fiercely with sticks and punches. Every element of the body became loose. The bones of the body started making noise. The soldiers tied both his hands behind and took him to the slaughter.

This was the same occasion when you saw him. Gautam! This is the sad story of him. Seeing this harsh culmination of the deeds of the benefactor, Gautam was filled with wonder.



A2 P2 mediumGautam asked- Bhagwant! Where will the Ujjhitaka die from here? And where will he born again? I said – Gautam! He will be dead today evening at the age of twenty-five. From here he will be born as Naraki in the first Ratnaprabha hell. After the Naraka-Ayushya, he will be born as a monkey at the foothills of the Vaithadya mountain.

With the arrival of puberty, the rites of previous occupation will rekindle in it. He will indulge in sexual conduct with the young monkeys. He will kill those who have children. In this way, he will get death by bonding with inauspicious karma while continuously committing misdeeds. He will be born again as a son in the house of a courtesan in Indrapur city of Jambudweep. With birth, parents will make him impotent. His name will be- Priyaseen.


With attaining youth, he will improve as a Priyaseen. He will be full of form, youth and beauty. Will become stunning with your intelligence and knowledge. Going forward, the king of Indrapur will subdue the superiority, commander, family, etc. through his knowledge and the inviting power, by subjugating them through invisibility, captivating, praising, and that man will spend his life enjoying all the material pleasures of the world. .


In this way, the life of Priyasena will be born in the first hell by completing the age of 121 years. From here, the reptile will be born many times in the form of a snake. Thereafter he will go to the seventh hell like Mrigaputra. After leaving from there, he will be born millions of times in the fish etc.


Then in Ursarisarp, Bhujparisarp, Khecher, etc. and will also be born millions of times in various forms. After leaving from there, that life of Priyasen will be attained many millions of times in the five types of single cell organism.


After repeated visits to numerous hells and Tiryanchagati, Priyasena’s life will be born as a cow in Champanagari in the Bharat region of Jambudweep. A circle of friends of that city will kill that cow. After getting death from it, he will be born in the same city as the son of a rich.


After entering into puberty, he will attain the right to a specific restrained stable monk and adopt an all-round life. From there, he will be born as a god in the first heaven. After fulfilling the life of god, he will take birth in a wealthy family in Mahavideh region and follow the Charitra Dharma and will go to Moksha only after attaining knowledge.


In the thick black night of Amavasya, the entire assembly was frightened by the sin-vipak while listening to the sin-vipak of the Ujjitaka mentioned by Lord Mahavira.