The one who was fed, is grinding us.

In the morning when the husband was getting ready and going out of the house, his wife from inside, kept saffron, almond and pistachio milk in his hand and said, “You go only after drinking this milk” Husband got some doubt so asked But why ?”


Mrs – said, “I am saying, so drink.”


Husband – “No! First tell me why 


Mrs – “Today is Nagpanchami, where do I go to find the snake in the whole city? So I told you…
Not only on the day of Nagpanchami, but a person feeds snake every day and this is the snake – the doshas within us.


Trying to make such an effort through which the doshas (bad habits) contained within are made very strong – this is like trying to feed the snake.


By feeding the snake, the toxin inside it also increases.


One is having lust in the mind and despite that, seeing women on TV, mobile, etc.


One is occupying the fire of anger in the mind and despite that, watching violent scenes,


One having the ocean of greed in the mind and despite that, they desire to get new things as soon as they appear,


One is craving for the food dishes in the mind and despite that, the new hotel, new dish, whether indifferent or inedible, they crave to eat all,


One is at a mountain of pride in the mind and despite that, there is a talk of “I” and “Mine” in talk,


This Nagpanchami is very terrible !


The serpent whom we have fed with milk, the same snake will bite us, poison will spread in our body, we ourselves will die after yearning, then we will realize our mistake, but by then all the bets will be out of our hands.


How will we use this money after years, which was collected by working day and night, by taking tensions for many years? To drink poison? To raise a snake? In whom we suffer?


Hotel, cinema, fashion, addiction, TV, mobile use all of this, is similar to eating Gulab Jamun in heavy diabetes.


Let’s make a resolution – I will stay away from those who are bothering me and those who make me sad, I will not make them strong.

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रात्रि प्रवचन, जाहिर प्रवचन और शिविरों के माध्यम से पूज्य मुनिवर युवाओं को जिनशासन के रागी बना रहे हैं और जिन के प्रवचन सुनने के लिए लोग कायल है। ऐसे मुनिवर की कलम को पढ़कर आप भी जरूर आनंद विभोर हो जाएंगे। दृष्टांत से सिद्धांत की समझ देने वाली यह लेखमाला वाचक वर्ग को जरूर पसंद आएगी।

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