What do you do there?

Chhagan: My son Chintu works in Research department of India’s largest Medical college.


Magan: What kind of work he does there?


Chhagan: He is a cleaner in the Research centre, where he collects the half burnt cigarettes and rappers of the biscuits thrown away by students.


Chintu is actually in the best college but what work he does there? Clears the garbage. Instead of focusing on where you are, you should give more importance to what you do there. Eagle also flies high in the sky but it only tries to find the dead body. Crow always tries to find an insect even after being in a beautiful garden and the Heron will always try to keep a watch on fish even after being in sacred lake.


We are fortunate to get the Jain religion by birth. It is best in the world as it has Pluralism  (syadvad) in its vision, has non-violence and compassion at its feet, has friendliness at its heart and a renunciating Jain sadhu is an ideal of its life.


It’s good that you got it by birth but more important question is what are we doing after getting it? Even after getting this, if you are focussing on useless things, then you are just collecting the garbage. Trying to find the mistakes from other’s good deeds is just similar to the crow in a beautiful garden. If you are continuing the unethical and corrupt practices, its just like a Heron in a sacred lake.Whats special about getting Jain religion then?

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जैसे जिद पर उतरा बालक कुछ भी खाने को तैयार नहीं होता, किन्तु माता उसे खेल में, हंसी में बहला कर खाना खिलाकर ही दम लेती है। इसी प्रकार मिथ्यात्व की जिद पर चढ़े जीव के मन-मस्तिष्क में प्रभु-वचनों को उतारने की जिनकी अद्भुत विशेषता है, उपरान्त जो प्रभावक प्रवचनकार, कवि एवं अनेक पुस्तकों के सृजक हैं, ऐसे आचार्य भगवन्त द्वारा शॉर्ट, स्वीट और स्माइलिंग लेखमाला वाचकों को प्रिय बनेगी, ऐसा अन्तर्मन से विश्वास है।

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