Who is Great – a Rich or a Gentleman?


Once upon a time four youngsters went to a famous philosopher Socrates. After speaking for a little while Socrates asked them, ”What is it that you want to become in future?”


First young boy replied, “I have keen interest in science and I dream of becoming world renowned. With all the new research & inventions, I plan to earn name, fame and prestige in the world.”


Another young boy replied, “I am keenly interested in philosophy and I study day & night and I try to achieve mystic mysteries of life. I want to become a great thinker like you.


Third young boy replied, “I am greatly attracted by literature. I want to become a great writer and to achieve this I keep writing day & night. I am struggling to achieve what I want.”


And the fourth young boy, who looked like saint & poor, said, “I have no ambition in life.”


After listening to this…


All three young boys started saying, “This boy has gone mad. Because he has no ambition in life and he doesn’t want to be someone, he has become the reason for laughs.


Socrates stopped all the 3 boys & asked that fourth saint like boy, “Is this absolutely true that you don’t want to do anything in life?”


He replied, “I don’t want to become big scientist, a rich man, a big writer, philosopher etc. I just want to spend my life being a good & kind hearted gentleman.


Socrates became very happy & said, “You have expressed a marvellous thought. It’s always easy to become a scientist or writer or philosopher but to become a good human being is the toughest of all and so it is considered as the biggest success in human life.”


If people somehow understand this easy, simple & deep conversation between Socrates & this fourth child, then world will be free of terrorism – struggles – corruption – fornication – misconduct.


‘Suripurander’ Pujya Acharya Shri Haribhadra Suriji M.Sa. explains how to become a great person by showing 35 qualities in ‘Dharmabindu Granth’.


“He who is rich has no guarantee of self-development, but he who is a gentleman, his self-development is inevitable.”


“Everybody recognises a rich person, but everyone loves a gentle person.”


“A rich person gets respect, but a good human being experiences the real bliss of life.”


What is our aim? Our purpose?


Do we want to be a rich person or a good human being?
Do we want to be someone big or someone great?
Do we want to become someone with lots of money or lots of quality in character?


Come.. Let’s take an oath, before I become rich, I will first become a gentle human being.

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रात्रि प्रवचन, जाहिर प्रवचन और शिविरों के माध्यम से पूज्य मुनिवर युवाओं को जिनशासन के रागी बना रहे हैं और जिन के प्रवचन सुनने के लिए लोग कायल है। ऐसे मुनिवर की कलम को पढ़कर आप भी जरूर आनंद विभोर हो जाएंगे। दृष्टांत से सिद्धांत की समझ देने वाली यह लेखमाला वाचक वर्ग को जरूर पसंद आएगी।

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