You too can become GOD!

Namaste Friends,


I totally know and understand that you must be feeling really strange that Coronavirus named dragon from China has brought everyone from Hello and Hi to Namaste.


So that is the Corona effect.


The fact of the matter is that Jainism is just one of the countless religions of the world, which assures the belief and faith that “you too can become God” no matter who you are. Jain or following some other religion, children or elderly, man or a woman… Yes, you too can become God.


The paths are not only one or two, but there are twenty paths. Choice is Yours, choose whatever you like. All the ways are very easy, but they are difficult somewhere, how can it be so easy to become the divine of the whole world?


In the scriptures, it has been called ‘Twenty Stahnaks’. Sometimes when you will go to worship in the temple, then only if you look carefully, you will be able to see that every big temple has a Yantra of about twenty Stahnaks, which is made on a round plate of metal.


We will call those twenty places, twenty steps. Each step makes us directly divine. There are some such qualities in them, they have some such power.


The first step is – Arihant verse.


You all will know that in the salutation Mahamantra too


First of all we pay bow to Arihant Prabhu- “Namo Arihantanam”


Those who roam back and forth in front of any Royals, there is definitely a feeling in the minds of the people around them that, if that royals notices them, they too become Royal. But there are very few such compassionate Royals who can make their own servants like themselves.


In the worship of the Arihant God, there is that power, that strength, that vigor, so that one who does devotion also becomes God himself. Therefore, somewhere in the book named Panchasutra – “Achintasatti jutta di te Bhagwanto” i.e. “Arihant Bhagwan is the most powerful”.


So this is the first step to become an Arihant. You worship God daily, see God, and praise God more than that, then you will become God like yourself.


If you do not know the eulogy, you do not know any hymns or devotional songs, because of this you are in problem of what to do and how to do it.


So friends do not be afraid, on the lines of your favorite requirement, it is offered here, sing a beautiful devotional song, and make sure to make a strong relationship with God.



Arihant Pad

( kavvaalee: jholee bhar de )

tere darabaar aa mein khada hoon,

mujhe ko bhee tere jaisa bana de …


maine dhoondha tujhe is jahaan mein,

har jagah par jamee aasama hai.

main thaka aur bheetar se too bola, “

main yahee hoon teree aatma mein ” ..1..


toone sabakee bhalaee hee chaahee,

usase duniya kee daulat kamaee .

main to karata raha chhedakhaanee,

maine khud ne hee khud kee bigaadee ..2..


ab nahin maangana tere aage,

gar tu chaahe to itana dila de .

tu bana jisase paramaatma hai,

vo karoona mujhe bhee mila de ..3..

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